Pabhojan Gold tea for Rs 1 lakh per kilogram at auction

Esah Tea, an Assamese D2C tea brand, purchased at the Jorhat Tea Auction Centre in Jorhat

Esah tea
Esah tea buys Pabhojan Gold tea at a whopping price of Rs 1 Lakh at the Jorhat Tea Auction Centre in Jorhat, Assam. Photo Esah Tea

Esah Tea, an Assamese D2C tea brand, at the Jorhat Tea Auction Centre in Jorhat, Assam, stated that it had purchased the rare tea variety Pabhojan Gold Tea for a record price of Rs 1 lakh per kilogram. Pabhojan Organic Tea Estate sold the tea through an auction, and the auctioned tea variety achieved the highest bid price ever. This tea is well-known for its unique qualities, which include a bright beverage and a relaxing aftertaste.

Pabhojan Gold is a very rare variety of tea. The techniques used in plucking and preparations of Pabhojan Gold Tea are unique. The making of Pabhojan Gold Tea is also different from other specialty teas of Assam. Making Pabhojan Gold Tea is an art, cutting and rolling are done manually, and no machines are involved. This especially hand-crafted tea is much in demand across the world.

“We are delighted to have won the auction which will help us provide our customers with one of the finest tea blends from Assam. This tea variety is rare and for tea connoisseurs, this is an experience in a cup. Our customers are spread across the globe and understand the taste and value of this variety. We are glad to be able to continue with our mission to provide them with authentic Assam tea flavors and revive the sheen of the state. We really look forward to seeing more tea sellers come with specialty tea,” said Bijit Sarma, founder, and chief executive officer of Esah Tea.

Rakhi Dutta Saikia, owner of Pabhojan Organic Tea Estate, said, “We made the tea with the finest small buds. We produced only 1 kg of this rare variety of tea. We are delighted at this new record-breaking price and creating history for the first time as we manufactured is based on high demand from discerning consumers, tea connoisseurs, and buyers for this type of premium quality specialty tea.”


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