Fortun’s finishing touch – Soups & Sauces

Delivers custom chowder bars to grocers nationwide

Fortun's Finishing Touch Soups & Sauces delivers custom chowder bars to grocers nationwide. Photo Fortun

Offering grocers’ seafood departments the chance to increase revenue through custom branded soups, while heightening customer loyalty, is Fortun’s finishing touch soups and sauces. Its innovative hot soup and cold ‘To Go’ chowder bar program provides select grocers with quick and quality meal solutions through a turnkey setup from which to serve their customers from their seafood departments. Clam chowder, lobster bisque and Alaskan seafood chowder comprize the company’s premium soup line displayed in a three-unit kettle or served from a fresh food service pouch.

An advantage to both consumers and grocers, the chowder bar delivers a fresh and convenient ready-to-use means by which customers can sample high-quality chowders and bisques, before taking portions home, to the office or elsewhere. It also provides an efficient and brand-enhancing method to increase loyalty and profits for grocers’ seafood departments nationwide.

Fortun’s finishing touch soups and sauces were created more than a decade ago by Kevin Fortun, a trendsetter in food development and former founder and president of Stockpot Soups. Following the sale of Stockpot Soups in 1998 to Campbell Soup Company, Fortun met the need to develop high-end soups and sauces for today’s selective consumers.

Fortun’s chef-inspired soups are created with fresh vegetables, real stock and cream, resulting in the finest fresh soups on the market.


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