Gulabs launches #EkDinEkCup campaign

Reminisce nostalgic childhood memories

Photo - Gulabs

Chennai-based Gulabs has launched the #EkDinEkCup campaign in Mid-July. This simple social media campaign was focused on the onset of monsoon complemented with the emotion of nostalgia, the company mentioned in a press release. Besides bringing back the classic tea and pakoda combination that is enjoyed during such times, the brand worked on exploring different teas that people could try in their homes, considering the lockdown.

#EkDinEkCup campaign

For this campaign, a well thought out approach was made to ensure maximum relatability. A two-pronged method was used to connect with the audience. Firstly, a clear association was established on enjoying a hot cup of tea and a plate of pakodas while enjoying the rain. Secondly, the idea was to serve people with quick and impactful varieties of tea over a week. These were some that one could easily make at home using the range of essence and artificial flavor-free syrups that Gulabs offers. The recipe collection also included flavors, spices, and ingredients whose use has become more prevalent during the pandemic days. These include lemon, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon. The campaign was named Ek Din Ek Cup (a cup, a day).

Through the campaign, the brand was able to reach more males than females, and it observed an active engagement from an audience between 25 and 54-year-olds. This campaign gave people a chance to try out multiple varieties of tea. Since the objective of this campaign was to increase engagement on the social media pages, the brand claims to succeed in doing so.

Gulabs products have been in existence for over three years. Its forte being handcrafted quality food products like khakhras, masalas, pickles, sharbats, and ready-to-cook mixes made from age-old recipes (100 years old) passed on from generations. Gulabs products involve the usage of the highest quality of curated raw materials, thereby having a superior taste.


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