IICMA announces new managing committee

The Indian Ice Cream Manufacturers' Association

IICMA announces new managing committee
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The Indian Ice Cream Manufacturers’ Association (IICMA), Ahmedabad, announces its new managing committee’s formation. The IICMA aims to provide a platform to share best practices, knowledge, and strategies among its members to promote the ice cream industry’s growth in India.

The managing committee was formed during the Managing Committee Meeting on 30th October 2020. Sudhir Shah, managing director, Scoops Ice Cream, has been appointed as the president of this body. One of the most enterprising businessmen from Telangana, Shah, is known for his leadership prowess and levelheaded decision-making skills.

The body’s key mandate will be to counsel the IICMA and its members on the best strategies and practices needed to grow while navigating the unique challenges in the marketplace during the pandemic and its aftermath. The timing of this committee’s formation is especially critical as the industry begins to open up to a new market landscape.

“Navigating the market during and after the global pandemic will be challenging, but it is also an opportunity for innovation in packaging, manufacturing, and distribution to ensure the hygiene of the products and earn our consumers’ trust,” said Shah, president of the body. “Our new managing committee and its advisory committee will help IICMA build a roadmap to this goal while helping companies regain their foothold in the market and contribute to rebuilding our country’s economy.”

The Managing Committee has appointed Rajesh Gandhi, managing director, Vadilal Ice Creams India, as the chairman; Ashish Nahar, director, Fun India Dairy Ice Creams, as secretary; Chetan Ballal, Gloria Ice Creams, as joint secretary; Pradeep Pai, managing director, Hangyo Ice Creams, as treasurer; Yathish Chander, Cosmos Ice Creams, as joint treasurer; Anuvrat Pabrai, chief executive officer of Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturelle Ice creams, as regional vice president – East; Girish Pai, director, Natural Ice Cream, as regional vice president – West; Charanjit Basant, managing director, Basant ice creams, as regional vice president – North; Balaraju Anantharamu, director, Dairy Classic Ice Cream, as regional vice president – South; Chandra Kant Bhardwaj, senior vice president – Operations, Devyani Food Industries (Creambell Ice Cream) as a committee member.

Simon John, managing director Laaza ice creams, as a committee member. Arun Ramani, managing director top n town, as a committee member. LK Narasimhan, managing director fab ice creams as a committee member. Himanshu Kanwar, general manager – Ice Creams at Unilever, as a committee member. Hasan Akbar Ali, Fun India Dairy Ice Creams, as an advisory committee member. Basudeo Talhani, golden ice creams, as an advisory committee member. Harinder Kumar, lotus ice creams, as an advisory committee member. RG Chandramogan, chairman of Hatsun Agro Product, as a chief advisor.

The Indian Ice Cream Manufacturer’s Association was founded in 2011 as the National Association of Ice cream manufacturers. It is a professional non-profit organization representing the ice cream and frozen desserts industry in India.


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