Tetra Pak launches connected packaging

Ready solution for Tetra Pak user brands in Southern Europe

Tetra Pak connected packaging
The Tetra Pak connected solution using QR codes launched on 24 November 2021 is open to all brands that use the company's solutions, in Southern Europe Photo Tetra Pak

24 November 2021, London / Madrid – The Tetra Pak food processing and packaging company today launched a new ‘universal’ connected experience accessed via its smart packaging, available to all brands. In a first for the packaging industry, the new Tetra Pak Iberia connected experience, created in partnership with digital experiences studio Appetite Creative, looks to help a variety of brands engage directly with customers without the need for initial digital development costs.

The ‘white labelled’ web-based app, accessed via QR codes found on Tetra Pak packaging, can be easily adapted, and tailored by brand and product requirements. It tracks real-time interaction, such as the product flavor scanned, average engagement time, location, scan rate, number of visitors, return visitors and social media shares, including GDPR compliant personal data to enable the brand to optimise its marketing and better understand customers.

The Tetra Pak connected solution using QR codes launched on 24 November 2021 is open to all brands that use the company's solutions, in Southern Europe Photo Tetra
A more adult generic version of the Tetra Pak connected solution is shown Photo Tetra Pak

The connected experience can be adapted to the specific needs of each brand and product, to create a bespoke digital marketing solution for each type of audience. Divided into two different segments, the app offers versions suitable for young people and adults. Both options offer templated functionality which includes quizzes, and an AR experience to showcase the brand’s packaging in 360 degrees, interactive games with leaderboards and competition prizes. There is an option to ‘share a selfie’ with branded filters via social media and encourage friends to join the game too.

Offering a variety of games, including some focused on environmental sustainability, the app includes quizzes which not only give tips and advice, but also explains how the company tries to be more sustainable every day. It uses fun interactive games to engage users and those with high scores are rewarded with a variety of high value competition prizes including iPhone 12, iPads, electric bicycles, or a Nintendo Switch. 

“We are proud to offer the entire food industry access to connected packaging through our new app and to take advantage of the enormous value that this technology can deliver to brands. Open to everyone, we want to engage with as many brands as possible to help them create a unique connection with consumers and beneficiaries of smart data and real-time marketing optimisation. It is one more step towards a complete connected digital experience with unique codes and connected packaging,” said José Luis Velilla, Marketing director of Tetra Pak Iberia.

“Connected packaging offers brands a huge opportunity to better connect with customers in a compelling and interactive way, via their very own branded media channel. Tetra Pak has made this easier than ever before through the new Iberia app, which gives brands the foundations for a brilliant connected experience, all they need to bring is their branding,” said Jenny Stanley, managing director at Appetite Creative. 

Tetra Pak Iberia utilises QR codes due to their increasingly widespread use among consumers. According to research from Nielsen and Tetra Pak, 55% of the population have already scanned food products and 76% say they would use them to learn more about the products or enter competitions1. The new connected experience is currently only available to Tetra Pak brands in southern Europe, with more countries due to be added soon. 


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