Mitsubishi Electric’s automation systems factory in Maharashtra

New manufacturing plant worth Rs 2,200 million 

Mitsubishi Electric Inaugurates New Manufacturing Plant worth 2,200 MINR for Cutting-Edge Factory Automation Systems in Maharashtra, India.

Mitsubishi Electric India has announced the launch of its smart manufacturing facility for advanced Factory Automation Systems in Talegaon Industrial area, Maharashtra. This manufacturing facility is driven by best industry practices to deliver the products with the highest quality and reliability.

The overall manufacturing facility measures 40,000 sq.m, initially built up to 15,400 sq.m, backed by a Greenfield Investment of Rs 2,200 million. This investment reinforces Mitsubishi Electric’s commitment to strengthen its business in India and address the growing demand for advanced automation and smart manufacturing solutions across the globe.

This new manufacturing plant will not only act as a tool for business expansion but will also create avenues to expand the local manufacturing of its global product range to address the ever-evolving customer demands and enhance the market presence of Mitsubishi Electric in India.

Mitsubishi Electric India’s Factory Automation & Industrial Division holds a strong presence in India since over a decade and is contributing to varied Industrial and commercial sectors including automotive, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and has been increasingly catering to upcoming diverse sectors like data centers, eCommerce and many more. Given the fast-growing manufacturing sector, India has been witnessing an increase in demand for smart automation solutions and to stand up for these advancements, Mitsubishi Electric India’s automation business has expanded by more than three times over these years which has supported altering requirements of the Indian market.

To cater to this growing demand, the new smart factory is backed by a strong local Research & Development base to develop indigenous products that can take responsibility for the specific requirement of customers across industries with a target of strong growth in India for the upcoming years.

The newly inaugurated Talegaon facility reinforces the company’s contribution to the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, which is designed to facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance skill development and build best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure in the country. 

The company’s vision to accommodate immediate customer requirements, product customization and cost-efficiency is strongly supported. Additionally, the company has built up a contemporary solution experience zone for customers that showcases the latest innovations, including demonstrations of “e-F@ctory” that is, a comprehensive solution which leverages latest digital technology such as big data, IIoT, Edge Computing, Advanced Robotics and offers a technological ecosystem which helps end user to achieve digital transformation in their manufacturing environment, Building Management Solutions, Collaborative Robot demonstrations, Robust Motion, Drive and Control solutions, process automation solutions, along with an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) solution equipped with Mitsubishi Electric India Factory Automation products.

Supporting the company’s commitment to the Digital India Mission and Sustainable Development, operations of this smart factory are completely digitalizedand trackable with real-time data availability usingits e-F@ctory smart manufacturing solution. The state-of-the-art Building Management System not only helps to track and optimize energy usage but makes it a cost-efficient building facility.

The inauguration event was presided over by Hisahiro Nishimoto, Group vice president, Industry and Mobility Area (IMBA), Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan and was attended by Kazuhiko Tamura, Managing director, Mitsubishi Electric India, and Tomohiro Yoshida, director and Factory Automation Division Head, Mitsubishi Electric India that included the ribbon cutting ceremony, traditional coconut-cracking and was addressed by the delegates.

Hisahiro Nishimoto said, “We stand committed to enrich the lives of people around the world by contributing to co-innovation with industry and infrastructure customers through use of technology over the years. Going forward, we will continue to contribute by solving social challenges, such as decarbonization and labour shortages, with the aim of realizing a sustainable society and by providing production sites with energy-saving equipment and solutions that utilize automation technology and to establish Mitsubishi Electric as a Circular Digital Engineering company.”

Kazuhiko Tamura commented, “We have always strived to bring the best of our products and solutions to meet the flourishing business opportunities India has offered. This new manufacturing plant is a testimony of our commitment to India. Mitsubishi Electric group foresees larger expansion of all its businesses in India to support government’s Atma Nirbhar Bharat (Self-Reliance) and Make-in-Indiainitiatives so that we can lead the nation with innovation and technological advancement.”

Tomohiro Yoshida said, “The Factory Automation Business in India is committed to our global brand slogan “Automating the World”, andour new factory stands as a testament to it. With over a decade of wholehearted Factory Automation service in the Indian market, we have witnessed remarkable growth in our operations. This new facility supports local production, aiming to enhance company’s global strength and supply chain management so that our customers can unlock their manufacturing and quality prowess to lead the nation as a manufacturing-hub for the world. Mitsubishi Electric’s commitment to India extends far beyond this factory, encompassing all aspects of its operations, from R&D to manufacturing. Our aim is to fortify our position as a valued partner in India’s journey towards self-reliance and industrial excellence. We will continue to invest, innovate, and collaborate for the growth and progress of Indian manufacturing industry.”

The launch of this new factory is a momentous step in the history of Mitsubishi Electric India, towards enhancing its global footprint while catering to the ever-evolving demands of Indian and International markets by facilitating efficient delivery, enhancing supply chain capabilities, ensuring cost-efficiency and empowering its customers and the entire manufacturing sector of India with improved efficiency and precision.


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