Mondi & BIOhof replace plastic wrapping with fully corrugated solution

100% recyclable Coral Tray with lid made of recycled corrugated board

Designed for organic tomatoes sold by PENNY supermarkets (REWE Group) in Germany, the sustainable solution meets needs of producer, retailer and consumers and mitigates food waste. Photo - Mondi

Mondi, a packaging and paper manufacturer, has collaborated with BIOhof Kirchweidach, an organic farm in Bavaria, to design a sustainable packaging solution for 500g packs of tomatoes on the vine to be distributed to PENNY supermarkets, owned by major German retailer REWE Group.

Coral Tray fulfills BIOhof’s objective of replacing its previous packaging, which used 2.5 g of plastic film per pack, with a recyclable and plastic-free solution, supporting REWE Group’s sustainability goals. It’s called ‘Coral Tray’ because it resembles undersea coral and contributes to reducing plastic waste, potentially protecting marine life. This innovative new packaging is fully recyclable and made of renewable material and recycled corrugated board, which has an average recycling rate of over 80% in Europe.

Packaging experts at Mondi Grünburg in Austria worked with BIOhof’s team to design the one-piece corrugated tray with an integrated lid made of lightweight F-Flute. Both the fluting and outer liner are made of 100% recycled material, and the KraftTop inner liner ensures it meets food contact requirements. The new solution can be mechanized for up to six different package sizes and gives BIOhof the option of using it for other small organic produce.


“At Mondi we are committed to being Sustainable by Design and were delighted to work with BIOhof to help expand their portfolio of sustainable packaged products. The Coral Tray offers great shelf appeal. Mondi’s expertise ensured the perfect balance was struck between good consumer view of the product inside, tray stability for stacking during transport and perfect stiffness for mechanization,” Jan Blankiewicz, product innovation manager at Mondi Corrugated Solutions.

“PENNY is pursuing a long-term sustainability strategy in which packaging plays a central role. We do not look at the topic in isolation, but always see it in the context of our fight against food waste. So we do not do without packaging at the cost of throwing much more food away. I am therefore all the more pleased that we have developed fully recyclable cardboard packaging for the Naturgut Bio tomatoes on the vine,” said Patricia Brunn, PENNY category director Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers & Plants.

“Due to the stability of the packaging, the product is extremely well protected against damage. It also eliminates the risk of the tomatoes being bruised in the shopping basket or on the way home with consumers. The goods breathe through the air holes, which reduces the risk of mould forming. Likewise, condensation cannot form, which often happens with plastic packaging,” said Florian Steiner, managing director of BIOhof Kirchweidach.

Coral Tray results from Mondi’s successful customer-centric approach, EcoSolutions, which helps customers develop packaging and paper solutions that are sustainable by design. By partnering with Mondi, BIOhof switched to an environmentally responsible packaging solution with great shelf appeal, which is a real advantage as a supplier to an important supermarket group.

Mondi Corrugated Solutions, a segment of the business unit Mondi Corrugated Packaging, is a leading supplier of corrugated packaging in Europe, with a strong focus on Central and South-East Europe. In 2020 the business won three WorldStar awards. In 2019 the business won seven WorldStar Awards for innovation, to add to five won in 2018, more than any other company worldwide. Through a network of 16 plants, Mondi Corrugated Solutions provides innovative design and state-of-the-art printing and gluing technology. The packaging types range from standard transit cases and heavy-duty containers to upscale consumer displays. They are applied as a shelf- or retail-ready solutions, transport cases, or large containers when shipping FMCG’s, perishables, industrial and dangerous goods, and other products.


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