Fabonest Food launches spring water beverage in aluminum cans

The company takes India on the road to sustainability

Responsible Whatr
Responsible Whatr takes India on a road to sustainability by launching natural spring water beverage

Keeping up with India’s sustainable development goals, Fabonest Food and Beverages unveiled natural spring water beverage in sustainable and endlessly recyclable aluminum cans, Responsible Whatr.

According to the company, Responsible Whatr offers water directly sourced from an untouchable, virgin, and a completely natural source in Himachal Pradesh. The water is claimed to be rich in naturally balanced essential minerals and pH of ~ 7.4, which is further purified and canned at their state-of-the-art plant at Himachal.

Founded in August 2019 under the parent company Fabonest Food and Beverage, Responsible Whatr is a homegrown brand by two young professionals who are passionate about offering solutions to the alarming environmental hazards.

Vision for a sustainable future

The brand that currently offers the best possible alternative against the single-use plastic bottles – aluminum cans come close on the heels of the government’s provisions of the plastic waste management rules and their ambitious target of eliminating single-use plastics by 2022.

“Currently, the plastic waste generation in India is roughly estimated at 9.46 million tons annually, of which 40% remains uncollected. With India’s plastic consumption in mind and the need to eliminate it, aluminum was the natural choice for the brand’s packaging. We are looking to hone in on this opportunity and grow our brand ‘Responsible Whatr’ in a big way. We are available pan India through our website or eCommerce. For premium retails, however, we are available in Delhi and Mumbai and soon to be launched in other metros and states like Punjab, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh,” shares Ankur Chawla, co-founder, Responsible Whatr.

Aluminum do not contribute to heaps of landfills and is infinitely recyclable without any quality loss compared to glass and plastic. Additionally, aluminum does not alter the freshness of the water when exposed to light or heat, and the water remains fresh and cold.

“It has never been a more exciting time for the industries catering to sustainable solutions than now since the consumers are also willing to push the envelope when it comes to their health and environment-friendly solutions. Responsible Whatr is very special for us since we’ve created it to keep in mind the best solution for the environment and nurture it like our baby. Hence, we aim to grow the brand well and make it a household name,” says Bhrigu Seth, co-founder, Responsible Whatr.

According to the press statement, the brand is also open to tie-ups with hotels, restaurants, bars, airlines, corporates, HNI’s, marine industry, cruise ships, adventure sports, trekking, and fashion along with premium retail spaces. The plan is also to tie up with renowned NGOs fighting for the conservation of beaches and oceans and assist in cleaning treks and taking the country by a storm in a huge way.

The 500ml can is priced at Rs 60 and can be delivered all across India from the website or eCommerce platforms.


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