Stora Enso introduces a new digital solution to support customers remotely

Snap Support by Stora Enso

Stora Enso
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Stora Enso’s Paper division aims to support customers most efficiently, even when physical presence is not possible. Contributing to this goal, the company launches a new solution, Snap Support by Stora Enso, to offer the best possible technical know-how without a Stora Enso service team needing to be nearby.

With the startup company Snap Support, Stora Enso’s Paper division launches a new digital solution for remote technical customer services – Snap Support by Stora Enso. According to the company’s website, the solution includes a mobile application used to transfer real-time information and media whenever a customer encounters challenges or have questions in their printing and converting processes. Through the app, the customer will be connected with experts in Stora Enso’s technical support team.

“This new solution gives several benefits to our customers. They get easy access to advice from technical experts from Stora Enso independently of location or time zone. Topics can cover the whole customer process from prepress to printing, converting and finishing. Our technical sales team’s fast feedback increases efficiency in customers’ printing and converting processes by optimizing the usage of Stora Enso products,” says Martin Gercke, vice president, Technical Sales for Stora Enso’s Paper division.

The Snap Support solution has been rolled out in Stora Enso’s Paper division, and Stora Enso is looking into opportunities to roll out the same solution across the company’s other divisions.

“Snap Support by Stora Enso can help customers in countries without local technical support or when onsite support is not possible. Moreover, safety is critical for Stora Enso, and this solution contributes to keeping our customers and employees safe while at the same time ensuring that we can provide efficient support during the challenging COVID-19 crisis,” Gercke concludes.

The co-creation of the application between Stora Enso and the startup company Snap Support was initiated through the Combient Foundry program, which aims to bring together corporates and fast-moving startups for long-term mutually beneficial partnerships.

The Snap Support by Stora Enso application is freely available in the App stores for Android and IOS, but registration is required to gain access.


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