Sumeru and Manoj Padmanaban of Big Bandha launches the Baked Paratha Lasagne


The ubiquitous North Indian parathas or parotta, as they refer to it in South India, is a popular flatbread made of flour. The paratha is stuffed with vegetables and usually served with yogurt and pickles or mint chutney. In South India, the parotta is a slightly different take on the North Indian variety but equally popular and go-to comfort food and mostly consumed with curry. The paratha or parotta’s versatility lends itself to a perfect breakfast, lunch or snack, and dinner dish.

But the paratha or the parotta does require some effort and time to cook. With the rush-rush of work, school, working parents, students living in hostels, or young executives living in PG digs, the whole ‘what to cook for breakfast’ or ‘what to pack for children’s lunch box?’ is stressful and a chore.

Innovation Foods, with its Sumeru brand, India’s leading food expert and frozen foods brand, is ready to serve your comfort food, but with a twist. According to the company, they are trying to bring a perfect balance between convenience, taste, pricing, nutrition, and innovation by introducing Baked Paratha Lasagne, which is the creation of Manoj Padmanaban. He is the maverick chef and founder of this unique food brand Big Bandha, known for his exotic gastronomic pairings that have delighted the palates of food cognoscenti unfailingly.

Baked Paratha Lasagne is the blend of desi comfort with an Italian twist. This is the first time that Big Bandha’s fearless innovation to traditional recipes is coming together with Sumeru. This delightfully different and innovative creation is made up of Shredded Paratha layered with creamy chicken gravy topped with the gooey goodness of molten cheese. The vegetarian option has vegetarian keema replacing the chicken.

They are priced at Rs 149 for the vegetarian and Rs 175 for the non-vegetarian options. This 300-gram pack comes with a microwavable tray. All you need to do is pop it in the microwave for 4-5 mins, and the baked paratha lasagne is ready to eat, suitable for every occasion.

Manoj Padmanaban, the creator of the Baked Paratha Lasagne, says, “It’s comfort food with a twist. It goes well with your hunger. So, if you’re looking to satisfy your food cravings with the best parotta and curry in town, but you love your lasagne too, Big Bandha and Sumeru have you covered with our unique baked paratha lasagne.”

“At Sumeru, we are constantly thinking of creating new categories and sub-categories in foods by combining innovation and technology by ensuring great taste, nutrition, and keeping affordable pricing and convenience as the core. Baked Paratha Lasagne is one more uniquely innovative product which is a perfect balance between international formats with Indian taste profiles,” remarked Mithun Appaiah, chief executive officer of Innovative Foods.

Sumeru’s Baked Paratha Lasagne is available in all supermarkets across top metro cities and available online at Big Basket.


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