Swiggy launches Jumpstart Package to assist restaurants in resuming operations

The package supports business revival, continuity, and growth

Jumpstart Package
Swiggy delivery agent

Swiggy, India’s leading on-demand delivery platform, has launched a ‘Jumpstart Package’ for all its restaurant partners who are either already operational for delivery or restarting business operations with the implementation of Unlock 1.0. In a bid to support the restaurant industry, the Jumpstart Package will focus on easing key aspects involved in resuming operations and reducing the overall investment required to bring back customers. Essential elements such as safety kits required for implementing hygiene protocols and business booster programs that improve visibility and drive order volumes will be offered at heavily subsidized rates. Since the launch of this initiative late last week, over 40,000 restaurant partners have already availed this package.

Swiggy’s Jumpstart Package

The Jumpstart Package has been crafted by recognizing business revival, continuity, and growth as the three key pillars. To resume operations, restaurant partners will be supported by establishing safety and hygiene protocols. According to the press statement, Swiggy will share training content on the best practices to be followed at restaurant premises. Safety grade packaging material and safety kits will be made available at up to 40% off directly through Swiggy. Restaurants will have an option to regularly upload videos and images of the safety practices that they followed on the restaurant’s menu page on the Swiggy customer app to help build trust among customers. ‘Business Booster’ pack will offer efficient investment options to drive sales.

To enable smooth cash flows for partners, Swiggy has activated bi-weekly payment options. Restaurants will also have access to subsidized financing through the Swiggy Capital Assist program. Regular updates and new initiatives on the restaurant partner app, along with the expedited onboarding process is being implemented to drive ease of doing business.

Commenting on the launch of this initiative for restaurants, Paul Varghese, vice president Supply – Swiggy, said, “Since the beginning of the lockdown, we have worked relentlessly with our partner restaurants to help them through this crisis. With a strong belief that enabling the success of our partners lies at the heart of the company’s success, we identified and solved on ground pain points to properly orient ourselves and our partners to the new normal. Building on these efforts, ensuring business revival, continuity and growth for restaurant partners will be crucial to enabling Swiggy, and the industry to overcome this challenging phase. Swiggy’s Jumpstart Package has been strategically devised to achieve this by combining our learnings with clear insights from our research on present consumer needs. This initiative will catalyze our efforts to drive focused execution in enabling quick wins for our restaurant partners while catering to evolving consumer needs.”

Swiggy has identified a strong consumer need for assurance around safety and hygiene practices being followed by restaurant and delivery partners. To address the new business imperative, benefits under the Jumpstart Package will be maximized for restaurants with higher hygiene ratings to incentivize strict adherence to safety and hygiene protocols. A push towards enabling visual assurances for customers through photos and videos of hygiene protocols in play has been integrated into the package. On the other hand, Business booster aspects of the package are set to drive affordability for customers.

Sutapa from Klezhmer Hospitality, Kolkata, said, “We would like to thank Swiggy and the team on behalf of Zaikebaaz & Chez – Pan Oriental Kitchen for the assistance & service provided to us during the lockdown. The Best safety initiative launched by Swiggy during the crisis and your assistance to onboard our outlet helped us compensate our incurred loss somewhat in such an unpredictable situation. As a part of the jumpstart package, hearing about the service offerings was great, and we look forward to availing the service as required. It feels good to know Swiggy is attempting to acknowledge the situation and taking steps to help us.”

Pranav from Tiny Tuscan, Gurgaon said, “This is a once in a lifetime situation we’re in, where the food industry has been one of the worst hit. The aggregators and cafes need to work in tandem as a team to stay afloat. So, any relief for a month or two would go a long way in helping the industry. The aggregators act as a medium between customers and restaurants, so anything they do to get the customers back to ordering and restaurants to not shut down would help. I haven’t heard anything like this from other aggregators yet, so Swiggy would actually get a jumpstart with this.”

Kanwaljit Singh from Amrit Sweets, Chandigarh said, “Last few months were difficult for the restaurant industry due to the pandemic crisis faced by everyone and mounting to that was the labour issue, rentals and operational cost going significantly high as we crawled back to Unlock 1.0. An online aggregator like Swiggy has been proactive and empathetic towards us our issues. Launch of Best Safety Tag has been significant in steps towards ensuring safety measures taken by an outlet and hence reducing fear of online ordering. It has also helped us to document the necessary steps taken by us daily.

“Apart from that, to revive our business to pre Covid days, Swiggy is also sponsoring discount from their end for outlet ensuring the highest safety standards as this is a new normal and this has helped us to reduce the cost of doing a business indirectly better bottom line in our P&L. I am looking to strengthen our partnership going forward, and so we can serve our common customers together.”

Chai Kings from Chennai said, “Swiggy is an integral part of our business model and the journey with them for the last four years has been exciting and fruitful. In this current environment, where hygiene and safety are crucial, Swiggy has helped us incorporate and highlight the best safety practices to our customers who have helped us retain their trust. While we try to keep online ordering exciting and beneficial for customers through various offers, Swiggy partnering with us by providing us cost-effective means of discounts are very helpful, especially during this pandemic. Alongside this timely support, their quick, mindful, and safe deliveries have been keeping our customers happy and continuing to have faith in online ordering. We chaifully thank Swiggy for all their support in these trying times.”

Step Out Cafe from Jaipur said, “Jumpstart package offers very good elements for restaurants. The “Best Safety Standard” carousel is helping one to build customer trust. The pay-out twice a week is also a good step, which will help smooth cash flow.”


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