Opportunities in the commercial burger grill business

FMI: Commercial burger grill market to reach US$ 184.6 million

Commercial burger grills impart a distinctive flavor to the meat patty with the help of direct heat which is highly preferred by the urban population. Fábio Alves/Unsplash

The global commercial burger grill market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.1% to reach a high of US$ 184.6 million by the year 2033. The current valuation of the market is US$ 112.7 million in 2023, a report by Future Market Insights says.

This growth is supported by:

*Commercial burger grills impart a distinctive flavor to the meat patty with the help of direct heat which is highly preferred by the urban population.

*The preference of consumers to add authentic coal flavor to the burgers is likely to drive the sales of the coal burger grills.

*Restaurants and food outlets are passionately adding varied tastes and flavors to their savories and this food trend is gaining quite a traction, positively impacting the market.

*Commercial burger grills are providing high flexibility with a quick and easy solution for grilled meat lovers.

*The rising per capita income of the population in developing countries is making them inclined towards more consumption of fast food, coupled with a surge in the millennial populace that is fond of exploring the gastronomical voyage.

*Advancement of technology and its implication in commercial burger grills like spot-on technology, by which the grills get activated as soon as the burgers are kept on it.

*Commercial burger grills are equipped with power saver mode and after the set time it switches to that mode, saving on electricity requirement. These features are propelling the sale of commercial burger grills in 2023.

Although the market is witnessed to have healthy growth, the expert analysts at Future Market Insights have identified that certain elements prevailing in the market are likely to curb the growth of the forum in the long run.

The restraining factors identified are:

*Grilling food or meat patties at high temperatures is associated with a chemical reaction that is harmful and is likely to exert a negative influence on the market growth through 2033.

*Meat in its grilled form possesses a cancer-potent chemical and this health risk is expected to push away potential customers away from grilled food, which is anticipated to cut down the sale of commercial burger grills in the forthcoming years.

*The appliance is difficult to clean and is likely to hamper the product demand during the period 2023 to 2033.

Smoky flavors flabbergast consumers and flourish market

FMI has analyzed that there has been a rise in the number of food joints and fast-food restaurants across the globe, which is driving the market share for commercial burger grills. A surge in the number of quick-service restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes is bolstering the demand for continental food such as sausage pepper burgers, grilled ham, her & bacon scones, and more, thereby driving food joints to purchase commercial burger grills.

Commercial burger grill manufacturers are offering user-friendly grills that cook fast and are easy to use. The demand for smart burger grills is also high in the market and consumers are relishing the smoky flavor of grilled patties in burgers, fueling market growth for the appliance.

A contrast with the historical market scenario

After analyzing the market in-depth, the experts of FMI have unveiled that the commercial burger grill market has been witnessing an unprecedented surge in the past few years. There is an approximate rise of US$ 119.2 million surge in the total market value from 2022 to 2023. The market during the period 2018 to 2023 registered a CAGR of 3.7%.

The growth of the market can be attributed to the introduction of the latest technologies such as energy-efficient commercial burger grills and smart grill machines that are revolutionizing the landscape of kitchen appliances. 

Besides, the flourishing quick-service restaurant industry has been on a spike and has unraveled immense opportunities for the players. Reinforcement of purchasing power due to the rise in disposable income and the trend of consuming fast food by the younger generation augment the growth of the charcoal chicken grill machine and the commercial burger grill market.

In addition to that, the products can be integrated with smartphones and other connected devices, which acts as a key aspect in propelling the growth of the market in recent years.

Key players indulge in strategic collaborations to upkeep with key trends

The commercial burger grill market is highly competitive and innovative in terms of products, durability, and cost of the product. The market is distinguished by the presence of international and regional players, who are increasing their impression in the eCommerce and social media platforms, through various promotional and advertising events.

The manufacturers are focusing on the launch of new products flourishing in the market and have come up with competitive strategies and new product features in the market. 

For instance, Aim Engineering Industries is having customer centricity at the core as they are curating commercial burger grills, chicken grill machines, fish display counters, shawarma machine racks, and more with top-notch quality and are showcasing their product offerings through the digital catalogue for further increasing their foothold and share in the commercial market.

Another prominent player, Syena Kitchenconceptz Manufacturing is offering commercial kitchen equipment, with deep fat frying products as their top product. This firm is likely to gain considerable shares in the upcoming years.

In January 2017, Griffin Technology introduced their ‘Connected Grills and Toasters’, which is a smart device with Bluetooth-enabled technology that can be controlled by a mobile application that offers personalized settings.

In December 2019, Revolution Cooking released its new 2-Slice High-Speed Commercial Grill machines, which have a touch screen that enables easy operation.


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