Heritage Foods launches new summer beverages and ice-creams

Spiced buttermilk, milkshakes, and more

Heritage Foods launches new summer beverages and ice-creams
(L-R) A Prabhakara Naidu, CFO, M Sambasiva Rao, president, N Brahmani, ED, N Bhuvaneswari, VC & MD, Srideep Kesavan, CEO and J Samba Murthy, COO, with the new products.

Dairy player Heritage Foods on 27 March 2023 announced the launch of its new range of Buttermilk products under the brand name ‘A-One’ and a new range of milkshakes in the easy-to-carry and single-serve carton boxes.

Heritage ‘A-One’ Spiced Buttermilk is a low-calorie natural refresher, made by fermenting fresh Heritage milk with a unique combination of cultures to give an extra smooth and thick mouthfeel, as well as delivering a balance of sourness and saltiness. Spicy notes are added with a blend of natural extracts of green chilies and ginger. ‘A-One’ Spiced Buttermilk will be available in a 180ml pack, with a six months shelf-life, at a price point of Rs 20.

Heritage has also revamped its range of milkshakes with a range of new flavors and a refreshing new look. Alongside, all-time popular flavor variants such as vanilla and strawberry, Heritage will launch two new variants — chocolate and caramel, cookies and cream. Milkshakes in the new look and range would be available in packs of 180ml at Rs 40 and 125ml at Rs 15.

Heritage ‘A-One’ spiced Buttermilk & Milkshakes have been launched across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and NCR and are available across general trade stores, heritage happiness points, heritage parlors, modern retail stores as well as online grocery platforms.

Bhuvaneswari Nara, vice-chairperson and managing director said, “The launch of ‘A-One’ Spiced Buttermilk and new milkshakes in combo-block packs is another step in the direction of growing the contribution of value-added products in our portfolio. I am sure these new products will not only delight our consumers but will also help them face the harsh summer season with a smile.” 

Heritage Foods is also gearing up for a busy summer season with the relaunch of its ‘Premium Badam milk with real Badam bits’. Heritage Badam Charger will be launched with a more youthful pack in 180ml plastic bottles, at a price of Rs35.

Brahmani Nara, executive director of Heritage Foods, said, “Heritage ‘Badam Charger’ is a product targeted to thriving adults who hustle through the day to achieve their dreams. They always need to be on top of their game, loss of energy for them means loss of opportunity, and they need something nourishing & healthy to stay charged and face their challenges head-on.”

This summer season, the brand also plans to take consumers for a walk down memory lane with the launch of ice lollies in flavors such as ‘Kala Khatta’ and ‘Gol Gappa’ for just Rs 10.


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