NutraGummyFactory combines expert exchange and live demonstrations

18 to 19 June

Nutraceutical gummies combine the properties of popular gummy and jelly products with health-promoting additives such as vitamins and minerals.

For the two days, the ‘NutraGummyFactory’ of Makat Candy Technology focused on functional gummy and jelly products, from June 18 to 19, the Syntegon subsidiary invited representatives of the confectionery and pharmaceutical industries as well as partner companies to its Dierdorf site. Makat shed light on key success criteria for the production of so-called nutraceutical gummies. The products are enriched with additives such as vitamins or minerals and require particular care throughout the manufacturing process. In addition to presentations by recognized experts and targeted one-on-one discussions, the one-and-a-half-day event also included show runs of various Makat lines, depositing demonstrations, and remote service presentations. From base mass production, depositing, and product finishing to counting, filling, packaging, and mold cleaning, Makat offered a varied program with in-depth insights into technologies and consulting services. “In total, around 50 representatives of well-known companies met with specialists from Makat and partner organizations. They provided important insights for the successful planning and implementation of the NutraGummyFactory,” explains Sandra Link, product manager at Makat Candy Technology.

Expert exchange takes center stage

Innovation and the use of pioneering technology thrive on exchange. In Dierdorf, Makat offered participants a wide range of opportunities, various experts provided insights into the complex gummy and jelly production processes. Moreover, communication corners created a trade show atmosphere and offered space for in-depth discussions on key technologies of the NutraGummyFactory. Makat, other Syntegon subsidiaries, and partner organizations presented their solutions at several booths, some including small exhibits. While Makat from Dierdorf and Syntegon Packaging from Weert in the Netherlands covered process and vertical packaging technology, Spee-Dee and Cremer, two leading suppliers of counting and filling solutions, were also on site. Partner Hildebrand provided information on mold cleaning. ECC Control Systems has extensive expertise in air treatment and plant infrastructure. GMP services from Valicare, another Syntegon subsidiary, and training courses from the ZDS were also on offer. “Our event addressed essential aspects of the NutraGummyFactory – and created maximum transparency about the solutions and services from Makat and its partners,” emphasizes Link.

From classic to starchless: tech in action

The participants experienced Makat’s solutions first-hand, during live show runs, Makat experts explained various features of the NutraGummyFactory. As a full-service provider with seamless line expertise, Syntegon covers important production steps, from the kitchen – the production of the base mass – to depositing, product finishing, safe primary packaging, and beyond. Solutions such as the NutraFlash turnkey line for the starchless production of gummy and jelly products, which was launched in 2022, and a classic Mogul line from Makat conveyed an impressive example of how to successfully produce functional gummies. 

Makat also provided a glimpse of its additional services as a globally connected company, Makat is committed to providing effective support to its customers, even over long distances – and enables services such as remote maintenance, inspections, and repairs. Real-time demonstrations showed the range of possibilities. The Dierdorf-based company is satisfied with the keen interest in its technologies. “Experiencing equipment in use promotes technological understanding and strengthens contacts with key players along the value chain,” Link points out.


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