AGI Greenpac’s ₹230-crore investment

To strengthen production, elevate export capabilities

The Hyderabad-based specialty glass manufacturing plant of AGI

With the global glass packaging market poised for significant growth, from $67.28 billion in 2024 to $93.69 billion by 2032. AGI Greenpac, a focused packaging products company in India, is implementing a two-pronged strategy to capitalize on this growth.

AGI Greenpac is making a strategic investment of ₹230 crore to modernize its existing furnaces, implement cutting-edge technologies, and optimize production. This initiative will enable the company to better serve the growing demand for high-quality glass packaging solutions.

AGI Greenpac said in a press release that it is also strategically expanding its reach beyond India’s borders to establish itself as a key force in the international glass packaging landscape. Fueled by the growing global demand for high-quality glass packaging, the company is actively exploring export opportunities in the Middle East and Europe, following the establishment of a strategic export channel in the USA. This move reflects AGI Greenpac’s commitment to effectively serving global markets and fostering stronger relationships with customers worldwide.

On the side-lines of a plant visit, Rajesh Khosla, CEO, AGI Greenpac, said, “Our investment in our production capabilities will ensure we are well-positioned to meet the demand for our innovative, high-quality glass packaging solutions. This commitment to best-in-class practices not only strengthens our domestic offerings but also allows us to venture into new markets.”

The specialty glass plant in Bhongir, Telangana, has been fully operational since January 2023. With a daily production capacity of 154 tonnes, this facility caters to a diverse range of industries, including cosmetics, perfumery, candle jars, and premium alcohol beverage segments. The plant utilizes cutting-edge Blow & Blow and Press & Blow technologies to produce high-quality clear glass products in various shapes and sizes to precisely shape molten glass into a wide range of high-quality, complex glass bottles and jars.

AGI Greenpac also houses India’s first glass packaging R&D Center, dedicated to developing sustainable solutions and pioneering new technologies such as our energy-efficient multi-color cold foil stamping process. The Decoration Unit, another first in India, offers a vast array of customization options and leverages a range of advanced processes, including ceramic, UV, and hot-foil stamping, to meet the evolving demands of global cosmetics, perfumery, and beverage brands.


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