Ball launches recyclable aluminum cups

Sustainable beverage packaging solutions

Ball corporation
Ball has developed the aluminum cup over the past several years as an alternative to plastic cups for use at home and in other areas

Ball Corporation, a supplier of innovative, sustainable packaging solutions for beverage, personal care and household products, has recently announced the launch of a pilot of infinitely recyclable aluminum cups. The US Ball has developed the aluminum cup over the past several years as an alternative to plastic cups for use at home and in other areas where plastic cups are common, including indoor and outdoor venues across the country. The pilot will produce a limited supply of aluminum cups through 2020 for use in such locations, which include entertainment venues and major concessionaires.

Aluminum cup
Aluminum cup from Ball

Ball Aluminum Cup

Commenting on the new launch, John A. Hayes, chairman, president and chief executive officer said, “As our customers and consumers increasingly seek sustainable beverage packaging options, the launch of the aluminum cup is a significant moment for our company. It is our responsibility as a leader in aluminum beverage packaging to continuously innovate and provide solutions for our customers. We’re excited to bring the aluminum cup to market and expand the product line next year and beyond.”

In September 2019, Ball will roll out a number of pilots with major venues and concessionaires across the US to replace their plastic cups with aluminum cups. Ball’s research shows that 67% of the US consumers say that they will visit a venue more often if they use aluminum cups instead of plastic cups and that 78% of consumers expect beverage brands to use environmentally friendly containers in the next five years.

According to the company’s statement, infinitely recyclable and economically valuable, aluminum is the most sustainable beverage packaging material and, like aluminum cans, aluminum cups can be easily recycled. In fact, 75% of the aluminum ever produced is still in use today.

In addition to its sustainability and recycling strengths, the aluminum cup is sturdy, durable and cool to the touch, and it can be customized with logos and graphics. The cup is currently available in a 20-ounce (approximately 550 grams) size and Ball aims to introduce additional sizes in the future based on market demand. Ball expects to ramp up production in its Westminster, Colorado, innovation facility by the end of 2020, and it looks forward to the opportunity to expand adoption of the cups to restaurants, bars, convenience stores, breweries and retail locations.


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