Ella’s Kitchen launches mono-material baby food pouch

Aiming at 73% recyclability by 2024

The Green One mono-material pouch that was launched in May 2023. Photo Ella's Kitchen

Ella’s Kitchen has launched its first mono-material pouch and is aiming to ensure that 73% of its baby food pouches will be fully recyclable at the kerbside by the end of 2024.

It’s fourth annual ‘Good Stuff We Do’ impact report states that packaging makes up 28% of the company’s carbon footprint. As such, it is seeking new ways to optimize the pack’s recyclability and achieve its SBTi-approved, science-based climate targets.

Its mono-material pouch, The Green One, was launched last month. Now the company is seeking to repackage its entire pasteurized range over the next eighteen months, aiming to improve the recyclability of its packaging range by removing additional aluminum. Ella’s Kitchen also claims that The Green One’s compatibility with the UK recycling system has been proven, said a press release.

The report goes on to say that pasteurized products for children aged above 4 months will transition into mono-material packaging by the end of next year, but the remaining 25% of pouches for 7 to 12 months and above calls for a mono-material pouch that can withstand a different cooking process. In response, Ella’s Kitchen intends to work alongside packaging manufacturers to ensure their future transition into fully recyclable material.

Ella’s Kitchen CEO Mark Cuddigan said: “Positive impact is at the heart of Ella’s Kitchen’s mission as we strive to be good for tiny tummies, good for the planet, and to do good business. As we unveil our annual impact report, we are proud of the work we have done to demonstrate our commitment to this mission. From transforming our packaging and setting ambitious science-based targets to championing diversity and inclusion, every step we take embodies our responsibility to leave a lasting legacy.”

“We also recognize that the journey is far from over,” he adds. “Our impact report serves as a roadmap, charting our course for even greater impact in the years to come. Ella’s Kitchen will continue to lead by example, proving that businesses have a crucial role to play in improving the well-being of people and the planet. Our vision is to inspire others and create a ripple effect that reaches far beyond our organization.”

In a collaboration with SABIC last year, Ella’s Kitchen created a new recycled plastic cap to be utilized in over 3.5 million pouches of its Organic Strawberries and Apples pouches.


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