RBSTU showcases food coatings and ingredients at seafood show

Thailand company has a sister concern in India

RBSTU stall at India International Seafood Show in Kolkata

RBSTU Food Ingredients, a manufacturer of food coatings — bread crumbs, batter, breader and seasonings as well as beverages and flavors and fragrances was present at India International Seafood Show in Kolkata held from 15 to 17 February 2023.

RBSTU is the sister company of R&B Food Supply in Thailand, a manufacturer of food ingredients, and a one-stop food service provider with strong expertise in food and beverage.

Ajay Kumar Thirumani, business development manager, said, “Our products are designed to enhance and enrich flavor and odor, as well as improve the overall quality and nutrition of the finished goods. We actively capture insights from consumers’ needs to adapt and innovate. RBF’s main customers include F&B manufacturers, restaurants, meat processors, and pet food manufacturers. RBF also offers private-label products under our brands such as Uncle Barns, Best Odour, Super-find, Copychan, Haeyo, Angelo, and Aroi Mak Mak.”

RBF endeavors to serve the food and beverage industry worldwide with its broad geographic reach in several countries.

In Thailand, our network comprises four subsidiary companies such as Thai Flavor and Fragrance, Premium Foods, Best Odour, and RBJ. In Indonesia, we have two subsidiary companies– RBFood Supply and RBFood Manufaktur. In addition, RBF has one subsidiary company in each Vietnam, China, Singapore, and Japan. They are R&B Food Supply Vietnam Limited Liability Company, Guangzhou Thai Delicious Food, R&B Food Supply, and Maple Innovation, respectively,” Thirumani adds.

With the Indian sister company in Hyderabad, RBSTU aims to reach customers and consumers in as many countries as possible.


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