Five reasons to switch to sustainable rehydration containers now! 

Metal reusable containers and packaging are coming back

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There is an increasing interest in reusable metal containers and packaging, and this is not just for beverage cans or water bottles. And it is not merely aluminum but also steel and copper, and even stainless steel. There are packaging developments and designs meant to replace throwaway plastic containers with a combination of metal and recycled plastic that significantly reduce plastic use. Here is one example of an everyday product and practice that we can all change.

On average, a person consumes 167 bottles of water a year. The amount of plastic generated for this purpose in totality is massive and dangerous for the environment. It is no secret that plastic is one of the biggest contributors to pollution and global warming. An eco-friendly alternative is a stainless steel or copper bottle. 

Everyone knows the importance and health benefits of a copper water bottle. Multiple brands are doing a great job of educating people on hydration. Here are a few reasons why a stainless-steel water bottle is the future of hydration and sustainability.

Silver Sparkle bottles via products/silver-sparkle
Silver Sparkle bottles via products/silver-sparkle

Firstly, a stainless-steel water bottle is more durable than a plastic water bottle. Unlike plastic, a stainless-steel water bottle contains no harmful chemicals like Bisphenol A (BPA) or antimony. It’s completely chemical-free, thus giving you cleaner and purer water without additives.

One of its cool features is that a stainless-steel water bottle is designed to shield your water from outside temperatures – ensuring that your water remains the way it is. If you pour in hot water, it remains in that state for a more extended period. That is why most of the drinking water bottles in the market have a triple layer coating, ensuring the exterior regulates the liquid’s temperature. 

In the long term, a stainless-steel water bottle is a one-time investment and would cost less than all the plastic bottles you buy the entire year for rehydration alone. It would bring down your careless spending, and you would help the environment at the same time. Brands like Root7 India have incorporated high-grade stainless steel with a middle copper layer for better temperature retention.

A stainless-steel water bottle is an indispensable option. One should consider switching to one and cut down drastically on plastic water bottles. There are various sustainable water bottles to choose from on the market. All of them focus on sustainability, better hydration, and stylish drinking. It is high time to make the switch.  

Now, instead of buying a plastic bottle after your lunch at work or buying one while shopping, consider investing and carrying an eco-friendly steel water bottle. 


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