IMA Dairy & Food offers new tools enabling breakable PET multipack

Sustainable packaging by IMA for changing consumer expectations and regulations

IMA Dairy & Food
IMA Dairy &Food breakable multipack

Consumers’ expectations and regulations change, and manufacturers are confronted with a growing demand for more environmentally friendly and more sustainable packaging.

With the patented tools of the Zero Technology range IMA Dairy & Food offers the perfect solution for the use of mono-materials. With the patented tools of the Zero Technology range IMA Dairy & Food offers the perfect solution for the use of mono-materials such as PET, PP and PLA which are perfectly adaptable to the FFS machines of the brands Erca, Hassia, and Intecma.

IMA Dairy & Food
IMA Dairy &Food cup with lid and label

The focus is on the patented and therefore unique punch for PET, PP and PLA. This punch is the technical solution for high-quality cutting and precutting of PET, PP and PLA and thus enabling easy breakable multipacks made of these materials. Using transparent PET allows consumers to see the product, which makes it more attractive on the shelf. The cup can get a PET lid and label, making the packaging completely recyclable.

Further equipment in the Zero Technology range include special pre-heating plates, which can be easily dismantled and enable simple maintenance. Further material savings can also be realized by using the special thermoforming moulds, which enable the use of thinner materials.

IMA Dairy & Food
IMA Dairy &Food cup discharge

Thanks to the technology maintenance costs are reduced and the performance and service life of the tools are increased many times over compared to existing tools in the market place.

IMA Dairy & Food with its brands Erca, Gasti, Hamba, Hassia and Intecma is one of the world’s leading suppliers of packaging machinery, technology and services and has extensive know-how in the key industries of dairy and food products. Based in Ranstadt, Germany, the holding company currently represents 4 production locations in Europe as well as numerous sales and service companies. IMA Dairy & Food employs a workforce of more than 500 worldwide.


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