Get the scoop of new IML-decorated Chuckles flavor

Chuckles opted for IML-decorated packaging to set high standards

Chuckles malt-flavored ice cream is now available in IML packages
Chuckles malt-flavored ice cream is now available in IML packages

Chuckles is a well-known brand in South Africa, producing all types of confectionery such as chocolate coated malt, toffee, peanuts, raisins, and coconut balls. Woolworths, the local retail giant behind the brand, has exclusively introduced Chuckles malt-flavored ice cream with milk chocolate and malted puff pieces. Offered in IML decorated packaging, the latest addition clearly tastes like more as the stores were sold out in a blink of an eye. Chuckles set the standard very high for the decoration part and the printing quality of the ice cream tubs and lids, which is why the brand opted once again for an IML-decorated packaging.

Sustainable IML packaging

Woolworths is known for its exciting ice cream flavors and continues to expand its sensational range. While doing so, the brand attaches great importance to sustainable packaging. This sustainability vision is in line with MCC Verstraete’s sustainability strategy, which focuses on offering innovative label solutions that enable packaging to be recyclable, reusable, or compostable.

Chuckles go viral

Woolworths enjoys a high brand awareness, and therefore the brand chose to announce their new product through social media. The message was well-received by the ice cream lovers, and consumers were sharing their own Chuckles products on all the social media channels. Talking about a successful product launch!

Exceptional fast delivery

Due to the great online marketing campaign, the stores were sold out as soon as the new package hit the shelves. “We had to arrange a new IML purchase order six times the amount of the initial forecast. Luckily we could count on the partnership we have with MCC Verstraete. The team understood the demand and did everything possible to expedite the second order. It’s always exciting and pleasant to work with their team and to be able to count on the level of expertise and commitment to excellent customer service,” says Lorena Kleintjes, purchasing specialist at Polyoak.

“The ease of doing business was key towards securing the supply chain and delivering our labels in a speedy time. Being able to coordinate quickly among several departments was a textbook example of our good partnership,” concludes Joe Kaddoum, regional sales manager for Middle East & Africa at MCC Verstraete. “Polyoak is a great client to work with, and we value their loyalty.”



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