Lay’s heads to Coachella with Lay’s Fresh 4D chips

An immersive tasting experience featuring Lay's freshest-ever chips

Lay’s heads to Coachella with Lay's Fresh 4D, an immersive tasting experience featuring Lay's freshest-ever chips.

Coachella is about to get fresher than ever thanks to Lay’s. America’s favorite chip brand is headed to the desert for the first time to transform Coachella into a festival of flavor. During both weekends, festivalgoers can experience Lay’s through Lay’s Fresh 4D, an immersive tasting experience at the exclusive Lay’s Potadomes, and the multi-sensorial Lay’s Lounge.

Experience fresh Lay’s at exclusive potadome tasting

Inside the larger-than-life Lay’s installations known as “Potadomes” in the Coachella campgrounds, fans can partake in a reservation-only, seated four-course tasting experience. They’ll be the first consumers to ever experience Lay’s potato chips in their freshest form, with potato chips served less than 24 hours after they are made. These Lay’s chips will be made from more than 500 pounds of Lay’s proprietary, 100% sustainably sourced, West Coast-grown potatoes sourced from Lay’s agriculture partner farms as part of Frito-Lay’s commitment to promoting sustainable farming.

The music-inspired tasting menu, enhanced by scent, sound, and sight, will bring pop, electronic, and hip-hop music to life. This exclusive experience is limited, so those looking to immerse themselves in the Lay’s Fresh 4D experience 15-17 April or 22-24 April.

Inside the Lay’s Potadomes, festivalgoers can snap photos at the “Speakeasy Spuds,” inspired by hip-hop, electronic and pop music genres, including –

  • Lay’s Crunch Studios a space that allows festivalgoers to assume the role of DJ, transforming the iconic crunch of Lay’s potato chips into a hip-hop beat pumped out of golden speakers.
  • Lay’s Golden Glow a space where Lay’s radiating rings come to life with dynamic lighting synced to electronic music, allowing visitors to feel the energy of Lay’s.
  • Lay’s Flavor Pop  a space that pairs one of the brand’s most unique assets – its bold flavors – with the uplifting sounds of Pop music.

“For more than 75 years, Lay’s has been delivering smiles and joy to our fans through unique innovations that explore different flavors and textures,” said Melissa Miranda, senior director of marketing, Frito-Lay North America. “Now, we’re excited to be the first food brand to ever have an experiential presence at Coachella, bringing our fans a unique experience showcasing the freshest Lay’s chips we’ve ever created. While our fans know us for our flavor, we’re tapping into a multi-sensorial experience they won’t forget.”

Feed your creativity at the Lay’s lounge

Festivalgoers who can’t secure a coveted reservation at the Lay’s Fresh 4D potadomes can visit the Lay’s Lounge – an interactive, walk-up sampling room decked out in the classic Lay’s yellow and located in the general admission area. Within the Lounge, fans can taste three elevated bites that are an ode to the familiar Lay’s flavors consumers know and love.

The Lounge will also feature three interactive spots that tell the Lay’s story besed on musical genres from electronic to hip-hop and pop. These distinct spaces include –

  • Stay rooted LED tree roots and Electronic music reminds fans to nourish the experiences and memories that make them who they are.
  • Stay hungry inspired by the Hip-Hop spirit, reminds fans to stay curious, keep exploring and go for gold.
  • Stay flavorful inspired by the feel-good essence of Pop music, reminds fans to discover joy and savor the Coachella experience.

Frito-Lay products in commercially compostable bags

Several chip flavors consumers know and love, like Lay’s Classic, Lay’s BBQ, Lay’s Limon, Doritos Nacho Cheese and Cheetos Flamin’ Hot, will make their debut in 100% commercially compostable packaging on the Coachella campgrounds with clearly marked compost bins throughout for consumers to properly dispose of the bags. The bags are for commercial composting facilities only and are made from 85% renewable plant materials. The raw-material production for these films produces approximately 60% lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than traditional snack bags.

From sourcing ingredients to making, moving and selling products in a more sustainable way, Frito-Lay maintains a commitment to building a sustainable food system called PepsiCo Positive (pep+).

“Coachella is an event that not only has major cultural reach and impact, but is also championing sustainability to a large audience, which is the reason why we decided to showcase our chips in a commercially compostable bag. We are working toward PepsiCo’s goal of designing 100% of our packaging to be recyclable, compostable, biodegradable or reusable by 2025. This new commercially compostable bag is one more step along the journey,” said David Allen, vice-president of sustainability, PepsiCo Foods North America.


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