Millenium Cans & Containers talks about composite cans at PackPlus

Manufacturer of tin cans to the different segments

Ankush Mittal (Left) and Amit Gupta (Right), both Millennium Cans & Containers’ founders, at their Stand in PackPlus Delhi 2022. Photo: PSA
Ankush Mittal (Left) and Amit Gupta (Right), both Millennium Cans & Containers’ founders, at their Stand in PackPlus Delhi 2022. Photo: PSA

Delhi-NCR Sonipat-based Millennium Cans & Containers is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of composite cans, paper tubes, tin cans, and rigid boxes fabricated using high-grade raw materials. Established in 1984, the company manufactures decorative and fancy tin cans for watch packaging, the food industry, and other segments. It also makes composite boxes, paper cans, and trays for dry products and brands such as Timex, Titan, Organic India, Chaayos, and Danima Cookies.

The company has two units, of which the first is Shiv Pooja Metal, started by Narendra Mittal and is now run by one of the current partners, Amit Mittal and Ankush Mittal. This plant produces tin cans. The second unit is Millenium Cans & Containers, run by partners Amit Gupta and Amit Mittal, which makes rigid and composite boxes.

Millenium Cans & Containers has covered various segments till now

Millenium Cans & Containers has an in-house team for printing on tins using an offset single-color Indian-made machine. Director Amit Gupta, speaking about his company and its role in the market, said, “My father, Narendra Mittal, initially started the tin work, and now we are expanding the company by dealing in decorative cans and rigid boxes. Our products are recyclable and eco-friendly. We don’t deal in plastic, everything is made of paper, and the kraft paper used for making the boxes are purchased from exporters. We provide our services to customers in almost all the sectors, such as food, pharma, agriculture, and several others. In agriculture, pesticides are packed in our tins. Beverage makers like White & Blue use our tin cans. Right now, as a supplier of cans, we are directly only exporting to Sri Lanka and Nepal but to other markets through a mediator. The company only has a 25% market share for decorative cans.”

Composite tins on display at the Stand of Millenium Cans & Containers. Photo: PSA
Composite cans on display at the Stand of Millenium Cans & Containers.       Photo: PSA

Gupta concluded our conversation by commenting on the exhibition, and the industry said “Exhibitions are a great way to approach people who we couldn’t approach directly, and here in PackPlus Delhi 2022, we have received a good response. Packaging has huge growth and is an excellent way to sell your products. One of our customers said that due to the packaging their products are increasing in demand and they have sold unexpected numbers of their products. Even the owners of White & Blue commented similarly, saying that their company has grown considerably in the last two years (the Covid period) due to the packaging.”

Nevertheless, Millenium Cans & Containers have no expansion plans currently and concentrating on maintaining the quality of composite cans. Its future plans are entirely market-dependent. 


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