Mondi’s RetortPouch Recyclable wins Swiss Packaging Award

New mono-material packaging is recyclable and its exceptional durability helps to reduce food waste

Mondi’s RetortPouch Recyclable wins Swiss Packaging Award. Photo Mondi

Mondi has been recognized by the Swiss Packaging Institute (SVI) for its RetortPouch Recyclable solution. The packaging won the Swiss Packaging Award for the Sustainability category and was developed for Coop’s private label range of healthy pulses and grains sold in Switzerland.

RetortPouch Recyclable, made of polypropylene (PP)-based mono-material, offers exceptional shelf life and reduces potential food waste. The innovative packaging can replace complex multilayer, un-recyclable packaging that uses aluminum or metalized layers to provide high barrier food protection.

It can withstand high temperatures during the retort process used in food preparation and is suitable for many applications in the ready-made food and pet food industries. The packaging used for Coop’s products that Hilcona manufactures has an attractive yet sturdy stand-up design that includes a transparent window to allow consumers to view the product on-shelf.

“We are very proud of this award. Hilcona has played a key role in developing a truly collaborative approach to this award-winning packaging, looking closely at how we could protect the product while delivering convenient packaging that worked for Coop and the consumer in a sustainable way,” explained Hilcona packaging expert Julia Bredemeier.

Christoph Höfling, head of Product Development Mondi Korneuburg, adds, “We’re delighted to have the RetortPouch Recyclable recognized by the Swiss Packaging Institute (SVI). This solution results from our EcoSolutions approach to creating sustainable fit-for-purpose packaging, working in close collaboration with our customers and partners. RetortPouch Recyclable is an innovative, easy-to-use mono-material packaging solution that can reduce food waste while being an attractive option for food manufacturers and retailers alike.”


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