New products from UFlex Chemicals Business in Q4 FY21-22

Coatings for food produce, labels and inks for metal cans

Flexcoat Aquaban fruit box
The UFlex Flexcoat Aquaban coating is meant for liners of corrugated boxes used for fruit and vegetables Photo UFlex

The UFlex Chemicals Business in the final quarter of the 2021-2022 financial year released several important coatings and inks that are particularly useful for various types of food packaging. From coatings for corrugated boxes for fresh produce used in both domestic logistics and exports, to decorative labels and metal packaging.

Flexcoat Aquaban coating for corrugation

The Flexcoat Aquaban coating for corrugated trays and boxes provides a water repellent coating for kraft paper is used as an inner liner on corrugation boxes. The Aquaban coating helps maintain the structural integrity of corrugated shipping boxes in transit movement and is claimed to withstand extreme weather conditions to preserve perishable goods.

A versatile water-based coating, Flexcoat Aquaban complies with FDA guidelines. With a large number of fresh fruit with extended shelf life hitting the retail shelves, the need for strong and sturdy corrugated packaging boxes, which can hold the packed contents safe, has gained impetus.

Flexcure HFS over printable coating for labels

The Flexcure HFS over printable coating for labeling applications is also a development released in Q4 of FY 21-22 by the UFlex Chemicals Division. The new HFS coating complements both wet and dry UV inks – a perennial concern of brands and converters. Its free radical chemistry-based UV gloss varnish enables both in-line and offline application and offers the possibility of hot foil stamping over the printed label with good scuff resistance properties on the glossy areas of texture patterns.

Flexcure coating
Flexcure HFS over printable coating for labelling applications
Image UFlex

The premium over-printable coating has been specifically formulated to be applied in-line over wet or dry UV inks and is suitable for fast curing for full or flat overprint coating of all types of printed papers, board mono-cartons, other packaging materials, and for various types of labels used by the consumer product industry.

Flexcure Sheetfed MT Series inks for metal decoration

The Flexcure Sheetfed MT Series UV inks for offset presses used for metal decoration are meant for high-end aluminum and tin plate sheets. Representing a new generation of UV ink for decoration of metal packaging, the series has been specially developed for printing on aluminum and tin plate sheets, used for both two and three-piece cans, and also for high-end packaging for industrial, body care products, and other non-food packaging applications.

metal decoration UV offset inks
The Flexcure Sheetfed MT Series UV inks for offset presses are used for impactful metal decoration
Photo UFlex

FMCG and CPG brands focus on the metal packaging structures that require impeccable finesse for their products to stand out on the retail shelves. The new Flexcure MT UV inks enable brand owners to maximize the shelf impact of their products in the ambiance of modern retail formats.


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