Spanish chocolatier turns to Sonoco’s Greencan packaging

Recyclable packaging solution will support circular economy

The Sonoco Greencan recyclable paperboard package is made of 92-98% paperboard and features a wide range of barrier properties.

Chocolates Valor, a leading Spanish chocolatier, has successfully converted the packaging for a portion of its Cocoa products to Sonoco’s recyclable Greencan solution.

Founded in 1881, this family business has a network of chocolate shops and produces more than 22,900 tonnes of chocolate every year. Chocolates Valor specializes in the manufacture of chocolate bars with high percentages of cocoa, in the production of chocolate with no added sugars, soluble cocoa and chocolatey snacks among other products.

The company also takes pride in being a step ahead in terms of innovation. That’s why – together with its commitment to sustainability – Chocolates Valor has chosen to use Sonoco’s cutting-edge recyclable packaging solution- Greencan.

The Sonoco Greencan recyclable paperboard package is made of 92-98% paperboard and features a wide range of barrier properties. Available in multiple shapes and sizes – from round, square or rectangular; to oval, oblong or triangular – it is ‘designed to recycle’ paper can, providing a highly recyclable packaging solution, with robust barrier properties.

Sonoco’s Greencan also features an integrated paper lid, so when empty, the whole package can go through the household paper recycling stream without any need to disassemble it. This makes it simple and convenient for the consumer and for the whole recycling process.

María Roldán, technical purchasing specialist at Chocolates Valor, points out that, with respect to the original packaging, Sonoco’s innovative Greencan facilitates recycling for the consumer and notes: “Beyond compliance with the 2030 agenda, we strive every day to move towards more sustainable materials and to reduce our environmental impact throughout the production process.

The Greencan packaging solutions are perfect for us. It’s fully recyclable, made mainly from cardboard and generates almost zero percent plastic waste, which ultimately contributes to reducing the company’s environmental footprint.”

Chocolates Valor adds, “The new packaging is in line with Chocolates Valor’s commitment to offer more sustainable and environmentally friendly products.”

Speaking about how the customer base responded to Greencan, Roldán notes: “Our consumers have reacted very positively to this change, above all because of the brand’s commitment to a greater commitment to eco-design, focused on ensuring that our packaging meets the criteria of recyclability.”

David Vilanova, sales manager at Sonoco Consumers Europe, emphasizes the longstanding partnership between Sonoco and Chocolate Valor: “Over the years, our collaboration has been characterized by a shared commitment to core values, trust, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Together, we aim to bring about positive change through sustainability, and we believe that our Greencan technology is part of the key to achieving this goal.”

Founded in 1899, Sonoco is a global provider of packaging products. With net sales of approximately $7.3 billion in 2022, the company has approximately 22,000 employees working in more than 300 operations around the world


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