Tembo & UFlex Asepto discuss acceleration of paper straw project

Urgency in light of single-use plastics ban

Tembo and Asepto meeting Noida
L-R Martin Grandjean, Business Development director Tembo, Harro Hokse, senior project manager Tembo, Ashwani Sharma, president & CEO Asepto & Terry Lock, managing director Tembo, Photo Uflex

A week after the UFlex Asepto announcement to set up India’s first and world’s fastest-speed line to manufacture U–shaped paper straws at the Sanand plant a team from Tembo in the Netherlands which is helping set up the line, visited Asepto on 25 April 2022 at the Noida office. The discussion focused on speeding up the project implementation, in light of the government’s single-use plastic ban taking effect on 1 July 2022. The imminent phasing out of plastic straws, has put the food and beverage industry under pressure to find suitable replacement. Tembo and UFlex-Asepto have co-developed a 100% renewable and recyclable paper straw solution that will be food grade, moisture-resistant and made from sustainably sourced papers.

On the occasion, Ashwani Kumar Sharma, President & CEO, Aseptic Liquid Packaging Business, UFlex, said, “We have a mission that our partners should not lose even a single-day of production, post the prohibitions on use of single-use plastic in India. We are moving at a lightning speed to help our customers. Being the fastest-growing Indian brand in aseptic liquid packaging, with YoY growth of 100% in the last four years, it is our responsibility to offer quick solutions which are eco-friendly and sustainable. With this U-shaped paper straw, we will showcase our commitment for a greener environment, changing the dynamics of the industry.”

Martin Grandjean, Business Development director, Tembo Paper commented, “We understand the urgency from UFlex-Asepto and in pursuance to that our team took cognizance to speed up the process to help them achieve setting up the plant in the proposed time and start production. We will extend all possible support to Asepto to facilitate the installations and help them realize their dream of having a line that shall have both manufacturers and consumers contributing to waste reduction.”

UFlex-Asepto plans to launch U-shaped paper straws of 145mm and 165mm length, for its aseptic cartons. This will enable its clients to continue manufacturing and selling beverages and dairy product options in aseptic portion packs with environment-friendly paper straws. However, thus far no time frame has been given for the commissioning of the project.


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