Toppan expands GL Barrier lineup with all PE packaging for liquids

GL Barrier All PE for liquid foods
Toppan has developed ALL PE mono-material packaging for liquids © Toppan

Tokyo – 4 October 2022, Toppan has added polyethylene (PE) mono-material barrier packaging for liquid contents to its comprehensive range of GL Barrier¹ brand products centered on transparent barrier films. Toppan has taken advantage of its proprietary GL Barrier technologies to overcome the difficulty of vapor deposition on PE and deliver barrier performance superior to that of existing PE mono-material packaging.

With PE mono-material compositions, it has generally been considered difficult to achieve the properties required of packaging for liquid and high-moisture contents. Toppan’s new packaging, however, provides this functionality and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It is suitable for boiling sterilization and combines outstanding drop strength for liquid product use with the environmental performance of a more readily recyclable mono-material composition.

This packaging expands Toppan’s lineup of GL Barrier products meeting growing demand for mono-material solutions centered on Europe and North America. Toppan will supply it to manufacturers of food and personal care products as well as customers in a wide range of other industries. Samples will be available globally from spring 2023, with sales targeted for launch within the same year.

All PE on display at Toppan stand at Tokyo Pack 12 to 14 October

All PE mono-material packaging will be on display in the Toppan stand (East Hall, stand 2-52) at Tokyo Pack 2022, which will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center from October 12 to 14. Toppan has also recently acquired the majority stake in Max Specialty Films in India.

Packaging with reduced environmental impact is receiving considerable attention against a background of the establishment of the Sustainable Development Goals and other global efforts focused on conserving the environment and saving resources. As set out in its Medium Term Plan announced in May last year, Toppan aims to drive DX (Digital Transformation) and SX (Sustainable Transformation) to contribute to a sustainable society and enhance corporate value as a leading provider of solutions to social issues worldwide. One priority area identified for business activities is efforts focused on the environment.

In 1986 Toppan developed GL Film, a barrier film that can help address challenges such as the need to reduce food loss and resource consumption. GL Film is widely recognized for its eco-friendliness and resource saving. Today it enjoys the leading share of the global market for transparent vapor-deposited barrier films on account of its world-class barrier performance and an extensive lineup of products for diverse purposes.

Efforts to circulate resources from packaging waste are underway in the EU, with a target to make all packaging reusable or recyclable by 2030. Mono-material compositions are effective in improving recyclability, and there is demand for barrier films and packaging for PE-based mono-material packages. By developing PE mono-material barrier packaging with outstanding drop strength, Toppan has made a switch to mono-material compositions possible for refill pouches containing products such as detergents and shampoo.

Features of PE mono-material barrier packaging for liquids

Recyclability provided by PE mono-material composition

Superior recyclability has been achieved by employing a packaging material composition that consists only of PE.

High barrier performance and suitability for boiling sterilization

Enhanced barrier performance and suitability for boiling sterilization have been made possible by a high-grade vapor deposition layer, original barrier coating, and converting techniques developed based on GL Barrier technologies. The packaging can be used for a wide range of contents, including those requiring high barrier performance that has previously been difficult to achieve.

PE mono-material packaging for liquids

The development of PE mono-material packaging with outstanding drop strength facilitates a switch to mono-material compositions for refill pouches containing detergents, shampoo, and similar liquid contents.

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Toppan plans to expand sales of this and other mono-material packaging products as it works to contribute to a sustainable global society.

¹GL BARRIER is Toppan’s proprietary brand of barrier products centered on GL FILM, a transparent film that delivers world-class barrier performance. GL FILM’s stable performance is enabled by a multi-layer structure combining a unique coating layer with a high-quality vapor-deposited layer. In recognition of their numerous outstanding features, GL BARRIER products are used in a wide variety of fields, including the food, medical/pharmaceutical, and industrial materials sectors.


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