WaveGrip Cardboard carriers deliver for Oslo Brewery

WaveGrip carrier developed in line with Berry Global’s Impact 2025 sustainability strategy

WaveGrip Amundsen cans

The new WaveGrip cardboard carrier from Berry Global has been selected by Oslo-based Amundsen Brewery, the second-largest craft brewery in Norway to provide a ring carrier solution for its range of beer cans.

The WaveGrip carrier has been developed in line with Berry Global’s Impact 2025 sustainability strategy, which aims to work with customers to help meet and exceed their sustainability goals. Each carrier weighs just 7.95 gram for a standard six-pack and is recyclable in most paper and board waste collection streams. Despite its light weight, it is strong and easy to use, while delivering pack retention.

Display of WaveGrip cardboard carriers

“Customers are becoming more vocal and involved in the sustainability discussion. They have strong opinions and as a producer, we have to listen to these opinions,” explained Geoffrey Jansen van Vuuren, chief executive officer Amundsen Brewery.

“Sustainability and recyclability were, therefore, key factors when we were looking for our new ring carrier and WaveGrip offered the perfect solution,” he adds.

WaveGrip carrier’s patent-pending design

The WaveGrip carrier features a unique, patent-pending design that means it does not require folding or manipulation during application. This allows continuous running at high speeds, meeting both the performance and production needs of the most demanding canning lines.

The white fully coated topside offers high-quality printability in up to 10 colours, allowing brand messages and promotions to be easily included for enhanced shelf impact. In addition, the naturally brown reverse opens up to offer a multitude of further design possibilities and enable direct communication with customers.

Amundsen offers eight core beers year-round and produces between 50-80 seasonal specials a year. The brewery exports to 20 different countries with Sweden and the United Kingdom being its biggest markets.

WaveGrip cardboard carriers in the making

WaveGrip is a multi-packing solution that enables beverage producers of all sizes to securely and efficiently collate their products. Value engineered to offer the lowest cost carrier on the market, WaveGrip provides an alternative that is stronger, more environmentally friendly, and economical. WaveGrip offers complete support at every stage in the specification and supply chain process, based from its Greenock headquarters and through its global OEMs and commercial partners.


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