Arla Foods launches three easy choices for healthy living

Balanced meal replacement solutions

Arla Foods launching the three easy choices for healthy living
Arla Foods' three easy choices of a balanced diet for healthy living

Healthy living is possible for anyone who follows a proper diet chart or takes a balanced diet regularly while maintaining the right gap between meals. However, it has become a challenge to consume a well-balanced meal comprising nutritious foods and stay healthy in today’s lifestyle.

Due to tight schedules, frequent traveling, or other circumstances, many of us won’t get time to prepare a full meal of complete nutrition and vitamins. So, in such conditions, many people opt for meal replacement solutions.

A balanced meal replacement solution is made to support an active lifestyle and healthier weight management. It is meant to help you know a meal’s worth of nutrients, especially when you have no time to have a proper meal. The popular nutritional alternatives include shakes, bars, and powders that can keep you healthy and fit. However, everybody has different nutrition needs, so it is best to choose the right supplements for yourself after taking suggestions from your expert.

Arla Foods Ingredients, a Danish multinational cooperative based in Viby, Denmark, which has branches in Asia and the Pacific region ( Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea), has developed three high-protein meal replacement solutions to support active lifestyles and healthier weight management. Now, it’s easier for consumers to get all the nutrition they need without compromising their taste. The three recipes can also provide carbohydrates, fiber, fat and are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. 

Arla Foods three new convenient solutions –

Ready-to-Drink (RTD) beverage – Ready-to-drink beverage is made with 100% native micellar casein isolate (MCI), which is a slow-digesting protein for long-lasting satiety. It combines heat stability and low viscosity with a neutral taste that is easy to flavor.

High-protein bar –This nutrient-rich bar is prepared with a blend of casein and whey protein for optimal texture and satiety. It is rich in nutrients in a compact on-the-go format and maintains its soft texture throughout shelf-life. 

Protein-fortified shake – A blend of slow-digesting micellar casein and fast-absorbing whey with a neutral taste that is easy to flavor. It also has a feature of minimal foaming.

Laima Liepinyte, sales development manager, Health and Performance Nutrition at Arla Foods Ingredients, said, “Casein and whey protein are must-have ingredients in meal replacements and these new solutions tick all the important boxes in the category. They are packed with essential nutrients, not just protein but also lipids, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They are also quick to prepare and easy to consume, making them ideal for the lifestyle needs of busy, active consumers. We hope they will inspire manufacturers to continue to innovate in a category that is increasingly important in the weight management space.”


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