Booster Water launches a range of Alkaline Ionized Water

Focuses on the urban health

Booster Water
Booster Water launches a range of Alkaline Ionized Water. Photo Booster Water

The pandemic has caused the world to understand a sound way of life and brought the focus towards better urban health. Understanding this Bharath Agarwal, an entrepreneur has launched ‘Booster Water’ a range of Alkaline Ionized Water.

In the beginning, the focus would be on Alkaline Water, Black Water, and Whiskey Water and more variations will be added to the line-up in the following months. At present Alkaline and Blackwater are available in 500 ml cans while Whiskey water is available in 250 ml cans.

Alkaline water helps in increasing hydration levels and elevates oxygen levels in the body among other features. It also flushes out acids from the body which helps in protecting humans from diseases and it is important that people who suffer from kidney ailments consume this water. The Blackwater which is focused on athletes and fitness enthusiasts has a pH value of 8.5 compared to regular mineral water and is infused with more than 70+ natural minerals. It also helps in anti-aging and is also prevents or treats cancer.

Whiskey water on the other hand is deionized water and acts as a great replacement for your mixer and not only helps enhance whiskey’s taste but also is a great hangover cure.

Bharath Agarwal, founder, and chief executive officer of Booster Water say, “Water is one of the main ingredients which we humans consume, and its main feature is not just to quench our thirst but has a very vital role in our well-being and we wanted to give the best to everyone. We wanted everyone to have a better lifestyle and the idea of launching a range of water is to cater to everyone as per their needs. The Black Water is enriched with 70-plus minerals, the refined minerals are processed without the use of chemicals.”

Adding further he said, “This water not only provides good health but also has a range of benefits. We have a few more ranges in the pipeline which will be launched soon.”

Booster water is already tied up with various retail chains and hospitality sectors across key markets and very soon they will be establishing a network that will help it to reach every nook and corner of India.


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