Cargill launches soluble fibers with 30% low sugar

low sugar products are much in demand

Cargill soluble fibers still deliver on taste and mouthfeel (cargill)

Cargill, a leading consumer brand of edible oils such as Nature Fresh, Gemini, Sweekar, Leonardo Olive Oil, Rath and Sunflower brand of hydrogenated fats, has launched soluble fibers to meet the demands of low sugar consuming customers.

The demand for products that are reduced in sugars, but still deliver on taste and mouthfeel only continues to rise. However, reducing sugars is not as easy as it may seem. At the same time front-of-pack labeling systems, such as Nutri-Score, are swaying consumers towards healthier options. Often, this means products enriched with fibers.

The soluble fiber choice

According to Food Ingredients First, Cargill soluble fiber products meet these needs. They enable minimum 30% sugar reduction plus fiber enrichment, which helps to improve the nutritional profile of a wide range of food applications such as confectionery, bakery, dairy, beverage and more. As plant-based, familiar and simple ingredients, they help to meet the consumer demand for label-friendly solutions too.

Cargill to serve an innovation

Available in both powder and liquid forms, Cargill soluble fiber is made using exclusively licensed micro-reactor technology that was developed in partnership with Germany’s Karlsruhe Institute for Technology. Cargill soluble fiber complements Cargill’s sugar reduction toolbox, consisting of a broad range of full to no calorie sweeteners, texturizers, and bulking agents to meet the most challenging application goals and marketplace demands.


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