Gujarat based Roastea transforms into a complete beverage company

The company launched its corporate coffee and tea vending machine

Gujarat based Roastea transforms into a complete beverage company
Chaitanya Bhamidipaty (left) and Anurag Bhamidipaty (right) both the founders of Roastea has recently launched its corporate coffee and tea vending machine

Indian startups have been in focus for quite a while. Young entrepreneurs with a thirst for innovations are reaching the zenith of success by adding value to the overall startup ecosystem. One such startup which is brimming with success is Roastea. What started as an idea at a law firm in 2019 has transformed into a ‘complete beverage company’ today. The lawyers-turned-entrepreneurs duo Chaitanya and Anurag established Roastea with a vision to render good quality products while catering to all kinds of palates. 

Roastea started its first vertical – ‘The corporate coffee and tea vending machine,’ vertical in 2019, catering to corporates, offices, and hospitals. From dishing out 500 cups a day in 2019 to a staggering 30,000 cups every day, the company has expanded its footprints across Indian corporates, hospitals, government entities, and industrial sectors. The rapidly-growing footprint of Roastea began with coffee and tea vending machines and has grown to over 300 vending machines on the ground and under installation in 2021. 

Roastea is the result of the brother duo’s innovative minds and unprecedented thought to serve beverage-lovers with 25 plus varieties from a single vending machine. From serving 30,000 customers a day to doubling up the target in the coming days, Roastea is carving out a niche in the Indian beverage market with enriching taste, a never-seen-before product portfolio, quality commitment, customer satisfaction, and hassle-free services. The current revenue rate is a whopping Rs 6 crore. 

Roastea’s product portfolio to strengthen its presence in the market

Roastea has a wide portfolio ranging from filter coffees, western-style coffees (Cappuccino, Latte, Americano), Indian Masala Chais (Elaichi, Ginger, Masala, Tulsi, and Lemongrass) to Artisanal Green Teas (Detox Kahwa, Kashmiri Kesar Kahwa, Lemon Ginger and Honey Lemon). The product basket also includes haldi milk and kaadha as immunity boosters.

Roastea leverages IoT Technology in its vending machines to analyze consumer behavior, track customer preferences, and record consumption matrices. Touch-less dispensing (through a QR code facility) and Inventory Management empower Roastea vending machines to be smart, safe, and quick in the post-Covid era. 

 Gujarat based Roastea transforms into a complete beverage company
Filter Coffee and India Masala Tea Machine (left) and Bean2Cup Machine (right)

Talking about how Roastea stands out, the founder of the company, Anurag Bhamidipaty, said, “Our fresh-milk-based vending machines are the perfect ‘pantry replacement’ that an office has been looking for. We use our own coffee and tea blend with specially curated green tea to satisfy the customers’ palates. Our dedicated in-house tech team and house customer service team are always available for instant support. We are competitive and are far better priced as compared to our competitors.” 

Founder of the company, Chaitanya Bhamidipaty, added, “With a keen focus on homemade chais, people just love to relish our masala chais. We have received multiple inquiries for our vending machines to be placed in their households. Believe it or not, we’re going to revolutionize the much-loved Indian beverages with our vending machines while saving their time and energy.” 

“Presently, Roastea holds pan-India contracts with several corporate companies. Within one year of starting our business and just 17-18 operational months during a pandemic that hit the market, we’ve scaled new heights. So far, we are present in Delhi NCR, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Gujarat. With a focus to expand pan-India, we’re improving, excelling, and going extra miles to establish ourselves as a beverage connoisseur brand across the country,” said Anurag Bhamidipaty, founder of the company. 

It has also strengthened its presence in the B2C vertical through airport kiosks across India. Expanding its B2C vertical, the company will launch its cafe in an upscale part of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. With a specially curated menu focused on diverse food and beverages categories, Roastea cafe is set to become a buzzing venue for foodies in the city. 

Roastea’s soon-to-launch direct-to-customer (D2C) online vertical makes Premium Coffee and Artisinal Tea available for customers through their website, Amazon, Flipkart, and other e-commerce websites. Roastea is a one-stop shop for all coffee and chai lovers. 

One of the major differentiators is that Roastea is the only complete beverage brand that caters to both chai and coffee lovers under one shop. With many milestones soon, the company is building a business driven by creating value and is all set to revolutionize the beverage industry. 



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