PepsiCo to open its new plant in Denver

It will produce many new beverage products at its Denver facility

PepsiCoNorth America is planning to set up its new plant in Denver. Photo credit: Ja San Miguel on Unsplash
PepsiCoNorth America is planning to set up its new plant in Denver. Photo credit: Ja San Miguel on Unsplash

The famous beverage manufacturing company, PepsiCo, will open its largest US plant next year. The company’s new unit will have over 1 million square feet of area and will be inaugurated in Denver.

PepsiCo, one of the most well-known food and beverage corporations, is expanding its operations with the recent addition of a manufacturing plant in Denver.

PepsiCo Beverages North America recently revealed that it had purchased more than 150 acres in the Denver High Point development region. The new manufacturing plant will be over a million square feet and close to the Denver International Airport. It will be located around 72nd Avenue and Argonne Street.

PepsiCo new unit will create jobs

PepsiCo is one of the largest and leading beverage corporations in North America. It has close to 291,000 employees across the globe and covers most of the continents. With net revenue of around US$79 billion in North America alone, the company dominates all the major food businesses in the US.

The recent statement from PepsiCo Beverages North America announced the inauguration of a new manufacturing unit in the heart of Colorful Colorado. Not only will it be the biggest unit in the US, but it will also create close to 250 new jobs in Denver. Pepsi presently employs 1,200 people in Colorado.

Pepsi already has a plant in Denver and has maintained its presence there for about 75 years. The new unit will take the place of the River North Arts District facility. With an area covering over one million square feet, the new facility will have triple the capacity.

Commitment to sustainability

PepsiCo has one of the most sustainable US plant locations in Denver. According to the company, Denver will have the most sustainable domestic outposts with the new facility to replace the old unit. It will emphasize the company’s commitment to water efficiency and 100% renewable electricity, with the High Point facility becoming a model for PBNA’s supply chain expansion.

Johannes Evenblij, West Division President of PepsiCo North America, told the Journal-Advocate that the company is eager to continue deepening its dedication to Colorado through positive impacts like providing new job opportunities and more sustainable business solutions.

Michael B. Hancock, Denver Mayor, said in a statement to journal-advocate that they are proud to have the company expand its roots in their city and grow its commitment to the community. He further stated that the new facility would create more quality jobs and also boost sustainability. It will support the administration’s climate action efforts as well.

With the new facility being set up in Denver, PepsiCo will produce several products, including Gatorade, Muscle Milk, Pepsi Zero Sugar, and many others. The beverage giant had gotten a US$ 1 million incentive package approved by the Denver City Council in March. The money will help the company move into the new facility.


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