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Technology at the service of sustainability

Acma showcasing CW 600 machine at Ipack-Ima 2022.

Acma, a Coesia company, will participate in the Ipack-Ima 2022 edition with a rich portfolio of innovative solutions within the Group’s stand. For the first time, ‘Material Gate’ will be presented, an innovative system for the test of wrapping materials with a twist. In addition, the complete family of Acma green packaging will be exhibited – Ecoshell, an award-winning solution developed in the name of sustainability, Tamper evident carton box, flip top, zip-top and slide pop. CW 600 and CW 800 are also on display, machines for the packaging of chocolates with flat and spherical bases, on which ‘OptiMate’, the intuitive digital interface in its premium version, will be shown.

Acma’s Sustainability Lab

The world of packaging is moving towards reducing plastic-based or multilayer materials. Acma is making extensive efforts in this direction through the sustainability lab, a project born in early 2021 that is attracting the attention of some of the most important producers in the world of packaging materials and confectionery. The goal is to verify the behavior and machinability of new generation materials, both for flowpack and wrapping technologies, with particular attention to those where the twisting can create critical issues.

Material Gate – an important asset for the study of materials

The studies conducted within the sustainability lab led to the birth of material gate in less than a year. This system has been created ad hoc by Acma engineers to carry out tests on various materials and tests their performance on wrapping with a twist. The tool aims to understand the structural limits of the different materials, to better support the companies involved in their development and ensure the best possible performance during the machine operation. All this is to keep the quality of the wrapping and the speed of production high, distinctive features of Acma’s machines. It will be possible to see all its characteristics and potentialities at Ipack-Ima, in the sustainability area of the Coesia stand.

OptiMate the 4.0 human-machine interface

OptiMate is the new human-machine interface developed by Coesia. On this occasion, Acma will present it on the CW 600 through a 15-inch panel made by system electronics, a Coesia company specialized in the design of advanced tools for line automation. Previewed on CW 800 during the edition of ProSweets last January, OptiMate will be presented at Ipack-Ima, this time also on CW 600. In addition to all the functions of a traditional HMI, OptiMate makes the format change and machine maintenance easier, thanks to the intuitive interface and guided procedures. The version shown at Ipack-Ima will be set up in premium mode. It will feature further advanced functions compared to the standard version, including performing production analysis and advanced diagnostics for predictive maintenance. Practically, OptiMate is a fundamental asset not only for governing the machine simply and intuitively, knowing every detail during operation, but for the production optimization and, consequently, the consumption of material and energy.

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Green packages – ACMA’s family of sustainable products

Last but not least, the Acma family of sustainable products is presented within the rich offer of the Coesia Shelf and with which Acma figuratively closes the circle of sustainability. Ecoshell, presented last year and already award-winning, is a package characterized by an innovative design that allows you to enjoy an optimal product dosage and great ease of use. The new technology developed by Acma to realize the package makes it possible to obtain shapes that are not commonly feasible with efficiency, guaranteeing originality in appearance and great flexibility. 

Ecoshell is in fact scalable in size and proportions and is suitable for different commercial purposes, depending on the type of product to be packaged. In Milan, the Tamper evident carton box will also be displayed, a package designed with the three main characteristics typical of plastic boxes – leak and opening resistance and, optionally, child resistance. Finally, it will be possible to view the series of zip-top, flip top and Slide pop, sustainable packages that feature front opening systems or front or side dispensing of the product.

Acma showcasing CW 800 machine at Ipack-Ima 2022.

At last, the CW 800 and CW 600 multi-style wrappers for chocolates will be on display, the first model with spherical products with a double twist style, while the second model for flat-base products with a portfolio with banderol wrapping style.

Acma technologies will be displayed at Ipack-Ima, Milan, from 3 – 6 May 2022, Hall 7 – Stand A22 B21.


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