KhetiGaadi launches an app KhetiGuru for Indian farmers

It aims to control crop damage from pests and diseases

KhetiGaadi has launched an app for Indian farmers named as KhetiGuru to prevent crop damage from pests and diseases Photo: KhetiGaadi
KhetiGaadi has launched an app for Indian farmers named as KhetiGuru to prevent crop damage from pests and diseases Photo: KhetiGaadi

KhetiGaadi launches a freed advisory platform, KhetiGuru, for farmers that focus on providing solutions for healthy farming without any loss due to pests or diseases.

KhetiGaadi, the forerunner in generating an online eco-system for the Indian farm mechanism, has announced a new launch of KhetiGuru. This free advisory platform is intended to support farmers with increasing farm output through end-to-end consulting. The prime motto of this platform is to safeguard crop damage from pests and diseases by providing balanced nutrition and minimizing crop loss. 

For a long time, Food and Health have become an indispensable part of human beings. And both are directly or indirectly dependent upon farming and associated activities. Hence, Khetigaadi has launched this app to resolve the farming-related issue. This app will enable you to avail a quick and easy solution for crop and plant protection problems and methodologies for enhancing farming productivity.

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Significant properties of KhetiGuru

  • To boost farmers’ produce, it introduces crop nutrition-based 62 new products.
  • Farmers will get free advisory services at various stages of the crop cycle, right from preparing the land and sowing to harvesting.
  • Necessary tools, equipment, fertilizers, seeds, crop protection products, crop nutrition products, and pesticides will be home delivered to farmers.
  • Minimize the usage of chemicals and pesticides and focus majorly on crop nutrition and increased crop production.

As it seems to be, farming is not an easy task. One needs to take care of soil condition, sow the right quality of seeds, and lots more. And for addressing all the challenges that most farmers face in their day-to-day lives, a team of 50 expert agronomists has been set up by KhetiGuru. These experts are engaged to provide advisory services in every step of farming, from land preparation to several stages of the crop life cycle. This includes sowing, flowering, fruiting, and harvesting.

The prime focus of KhetiGuru is to empower every farmer with the proper adequate knowledge and technology to achieve efficient agricultural practices and the delivery of products to their doorstep. 

Sharing the insights of Pravin Shinde, founder-director, KhetiGuru said, “After the tremendous response to our KhetiGaadi initiative from over 50 lacs farmers, we have made inroads into addressing challenges relating to farm mechanization. With the launch of KhetiGuru, we intend to provide full-stack service to farmers, right from land preparation to harvesting stage, aimed at maximizing their crop production.”

Speaking on occasion, Vishnu Dhas, founder-director, KhetiGuru, said, “While the current Agri industry focuses on offering post disease damage solutions, we want to be ahead of them by focusing on prevention of crop damage, from pest or disease. Therefore, to benefit all farmers, KhetiGuru will offer free advisory services by qualified agronomists when the industry charges anywhere between Rs 1,200 and Rs 4,000 a year.”

This profitable advanced platform will answer every query related to agriculture product information. 


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