Arofine contributes a unique perspective to PrintPack India 2022 – Hall 3, Stand B20B

Sustainability takes centerstage

Caption - (Extreme Right) Chaitanya Joshi, business development manager of Arofine Polymers with his team standing at their stand B20B in hall 3 in PrintPack India 2022. Photo IFB

In PrintPack India 2022, Arofine Polymers is showcasing its water-based pasting adhesives, lamination, emulsion, and coatings for various industries such as automobiles, labels and tapes, corrugation, furniture, paints and inks, stationery, construction and printing, and packaging in Hall 3, Stand B20B. The company has flagship products under the brand names Arobond, Arovyl, Acrosol, Arostik, Arocryl, Arocom, Arofix, Aroset, and Acrotech.

“Everyone now wants to have recyclable, sustainable, and eco-friendly products. In this exhibition, you can find many companies making paper bags. For the pasting, we are providing our eco-friendly adhesives that flow with the trend,” says Chaitanya Joshi, business development manager at Arofine Polymers.

The trend of using plastic straws is now getting older. The new thing is the recyclable paper straws, as it puts no harm to the earth. The paper straw is just a piece of paper that can be rolled and pasted and used, but there is an underlying science behind this, and it undergoes an entire process before it reaches the consumer. Joshi explains, “The straw will come in direct food contact. A consumer who will sip something from a straw should not experience harmful side effects. We have our adhesives ‘Arobond 73’ tested from the lab and have received certification of food safety from the authorities. It is, thus, completely safe for the end consumers.”

As per consumer expectations, the paper straw must have a tensile strength to stay intact for half an hour if poured into a cold drink or coffee. The company is producing an adhesive for paper straws that can make the straw last for 24 hours straight. It went one step ahead and poured the paper straw into warm water, finding that the straw lasted for half an hour.

“Environmentally friendly packaging, such as paper bags, paper straws, and paper cups, will be required in the near future. This event is important to us since it allows us to communicate with current and future consumers. We may plan our future product development properly due to these exchanges,” concludes Joshi.


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