As sweet as chocolate, as smooth as Trio Motion Technology

Unwrapping the secrets, aesthetics and ingenuity of chocolate packaging

M.S. Pac Equipments specializes in the production of cutting-edge candy pillow packaging machines and state-of-the-art automatic noodle packing machines

Think chocolate and what instantly comes to mind is an alluring experience — the rich aroma, the smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture, and the promise of indulgence. Yet, even before experiencing the flavors, the first thing one encounters is the packaging. It is the art of packaging that enables the consumer to relish the chocolate without the product being damaged. M.S. Pac Equipments presents its users with a world where art meets science, where tradition harmonizes with innovation, and where each wrapper tells a unique story – unwrapping the secrets, aesthetics, and ingenuity that lie behind the fascinating veil of chocolate packaging. In this endeavor, M.S. Pac Equipments trusted Trio Motion technology to automate its primary, secondary, and end-of-line packaging solutions.Fupen

M.S. Pac Equipments specializes in the production of cutting-edge candy pillow packaging machines and state-of-the-art automatic noodle packing machines. “Our team of experts seamlessly integrates their skills with the latest industry standards and technological advancements. We are committed to meeting the unique demands of our customers. Our professionals bring years of expertise in crafting a range of products, including the ATC Wafer Family Packing Machine, Auto Product Feeder Machine, and Toffee Pillow Pack Machine. To ensure the utmost quality, we maintain a dedicated team of quality assurance specialists who rigorously assess our products on various parameters, guaranteeing that every item that bears our name meets the highest standards of excellence,” says Machindra Temkar, director, M.S. Pac Equipments.

Orchestrating seamless packaging

One of the most important factors in chocolate packaging is to ensure the chocolates do not collide with each other or fall on each other. It needs to be oriented in the exact manner before being wrapped. “We have been catering to factories providing chocolate packaging for more than a decade. We understand the complexities in the packaging process and our experts have an in-depth understanding of the customer needs. This helps us to exceed our customer requirements,” says Mangal Rawat, director, M.S. Pac Equipments. The first step to efficient, effective, and high-speed packaging is the smart infeed to the horizontal flow wrap machine. This helps the machine builder to adjust the infeed speed without stopping the machine.

Chocolates must be packed with utmost care as handling them might become challenging due to ambient temperatures. The pressure on the product has to be accurate to avoid spoiling. Moreover, the chocolates need to be oriented in the right direction and side so that the packaging material and the chocolates are aligned. The next challenge is to avoid chocolate collision, which might affect the chocolate shape or chocolates sticking to each other. “Our machines help factory operators reduce waste thanks to the robust mechanics and precise control algorithms. Our horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) machines operate at very high speeds of around 600 packs per minute, which is one of the fastest in the market,” says Sajeev Kumar, director, M.S. Pac Equipments.

Trio Motion for precision and speed

“Trio Motion Technology is a key enabler for our packaging machines as we continuously strive for precision and high-speed performance in horizontal form-fill-seal applications. With its cutting-edge motion control solutions, Trio Motion Technology enables us to elevate our packaging machinery to new levels of efficiency and accuracy,” says Machindra Temkar.

Trio’s advanced motion controllers and servo drives guarantee precision and ensure chocolates are accurately filled, sealed, and packaged. “With Trio Motion Technology’s user-friendly software, we allow users with easy programming and rapid deployment, reducing setup time and enabling swift adaptation to various packaging requirements. This flexibility is indispensable for our customers operating in a dynamic market where changing product specifications and package sizes are the norm,” says Jitendra Pandey, Technology Promotion officer, Trio Motion Technology India.

DX5 is designed to work seamlessly with Trio’s controllers and is fully integrated into Trio’s application development tool, Motion Perfect, allowing complete machine configuration from one tool: commissioning, diagnostics, and programming. With Trio Motion’s control solutions, machine builders not only experience high performance, precision, and accuracy but also reduce machine footprint and cabinet space. It reduces cabling and wiring by 80%. Additionally, machine builders become sustainable by reducing energy consumption owing to the DC bus regenerative energy being reused.

A single tool for all needs

“Packaging machine builders experience the future of motion control with Motion Perfect 5, powered by Trio’s innovative Motion-iX core technology. Our revamped, user-friendly interface allows lightning-fast application development, drive configuration, and real-time function monitoring,” says Upendra Vanarase, managing director, Trio Motion Technology India. Commissioning DX Servo Drives has never been easier, thanks to the intuitive Device Configuration Screens that provide instant access to status updates and diagnostics.

Upendra Vanarase, managing director, Trio Motion Technology India

With Motion Perfect 5, machine builders can effortlessly detect, set up, monitor, and control all motor axes, ensuring optimal performance and precision, all from its user-friendly dialogue windows. What sets Motion Perfect 5 apart is its access to industry-standard IEC 61131 and PLC open. It is opening up a world of possibilities for seamless integration and customization. It also features a state-of-the-art robotics solution, ensuring that machine builders have the tools they need to take their motion control to the next level.

A strong partnership is key to success

“We strongly believe that our strategic partnership with Trio Motion Technology is a synergy that promises extraordinary business growth. By combining Trio’s trendsetting automation solutions with our exceptional packaging process know-how, we create a formidable force in the industry. This collaboration drives higher business growth, enabling us to reach new heights in delivering exceptional value to our customers and expanding our market footprint,” concludes Mangal Rawat. Together, M.S. Pac Equipments offers its customers the most advanced, reliable, and efficient solution integrated seamlessly into their world-class machinery. This collaboration not only enhances M.S. Pac’s competitive edge but also provides its clients with turnkey solutions, optimizing productivity, reducing downtime and fuelling innovation. 


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