FSSAI extends timeline of labeling regulations for frozen desserts


FSSAI has extended the timeline of compliance of the labeling provisions for the products covered under the frozen dessert or confection category. The country food regulatory authority has notified this decision in a letter dated 1 January 2020.

The timeline for compliance for these provisions was given until 1 January 2019. Then it was earlier extended till 1 July 2019 and then further till 1 January 2020 due to the issue related to the nomenclature of frozen dessert such as ice cream under these regulations.

The FSSAI’s order stated that representations had been received from a section of stakeholders requesting for further extension of time for compliance of regulations related to a frozen dessert, as the issue of nomenclature is still under review in FSSAI.

The order also states, “After due consideration of the fact that the issue of nomenclature of frozen dessert is still under review in FSSAI, it has been decided to further extend the timeline for compliance of the labeling requirement for frozen desserts or confections with added vegetable oil or fat and vegetable protein according to the clause 6(c) of Sub-regulation 2.1.15 of the amended regulation till the final decision of FSSAI on the nomenclature of frozen dessert. However, the food business regulators are required to comply with all other standards or labeling provisions specified for frozen desserts and confections under these regulations.”


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