Veg-Fresh Farms incorporates Smart Plastic technology

Fresh produce protected by antimicrobial plastic additive

Veg-Fresh Farms
Anti-microbial technology incorporated into produce packaging. Photo - AIPIA

With a consumer spotlight being placed on food safety, companies across the fresh produce industry are looking for innovative new solutions in packaging. California based Veg-Fresh Farms has recently incorporated antimicrobial technology by Smart Plastic into film packaging used for their organic and conventional brussels sprouts. It hopes to incorporate the technology into other items such as lidding films, clamshells, and others.

Smart Plastic additives are inserted into the production process in minimal percentages along with other standard ingredients. These additives transform the plastic into a powerful agent that is highly effective against salmonella, listeria, E.coli, MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), and dozens of commons dangerous organisms, says the company. It claims a 99.9% reduction in bacteria and a 5-log reduction in antimicrobial protection.

“The Veg-Fresh team and the Smart Plastics team have been in discussions for a few years now. We have been closely following their independent testing trials and have been impressed with the technology they provide. It is a natural fit to incorporate this technology into our packaging. Foodborne illness is one of the top threats to this industry, and we are committed to taking advantage of new technology to keep our customer’s food as fresh, safe and healthy as possible,” said Bob Wright, chief operating officer of Veg-Fresh Farms.

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This article first appeared on the AIPIA website and is republished with permission.


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