Symega Food Ingredients automates business with Infor

Accelerate time to market and drive growth

Symega accelerate time to market and drive growth with Infor. Photo - Symega

Kerala based Symega Food Ingredients, a food ingredients manufacturer, has automated business operations with US based software company Infor PLM (Optiva) to promote collaboration, enterprise-wide visibility, and scalability to accelerate innovation and growth. With business operations spread across multiple countries, Symega produces natural colors, flavors, and savory blends for diverse food and beverage (F&B) segments such as bakery, dairy, confectionary, pharma savory.

Symega’s business is committed to introducing new taste formats, aromas, and sensory experiences with a specialized team of food technologists, flavorists, and sensory experts that inspires new culinary experiences across the globe. With business success depending on the innovation of new ingredients and a faster go-to-market, Symega implemented Infor PLM (Optiva) to significantly reduce product development cycle time, while ensuring regulatory compliance standards are met. With the Infor solution’s help, Symega was able to unify dispersed data and complex business processes across multiple functional groups in the organization, the company says.

Enhances overall customer experience

With increased automation, Symega anticipates productivity improvements and lowered operational costs over time, while delivering quality products to customers and enhancing the overall customer experience. “Constantly evolving consumer preferences, coupled with aligning business operations to innovate product offering, deliver quality standards and meet regulatory framework is driving the F&B industry to innovate and stay competitive,” said Paolo George, director at Symega Food Ingredients.

“We are hopeful that Infor’s robust industry-specific cloud solutions will equip us to develop superior products that deliver high quality at the shortest possible turnaround time. With added levels of automation and modernized business operations, we are confident that our partnership with Infor will accelerate business growth and innovation across the globe,” he added.

“Digital transformation in empowering the F&B industry to drive new product innovations, meet complexities of modern supply chain with shorter production cycles, and adhere to stringent quality controls. These business dynamics demand modernization of business operations to deliver innovative, safe and sustainable solutions,” said Ranga Pothula, general manager, India Business Unit and senior vice president, Global Delivery Services, Infor.

“At Infor we understand these unique requirements and are pleased to provide Symega Food Ingredients with industry-specific, purpose-built and fully integrated cloud solutions that address their operational needs, win customer confidence and help them focus on business growth across geographies.”


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