Coca-Cola introduces fruit nutrition from the ‘Farm to Table’

The company marks entry into immunity-boosting beverages

Coca Cola India unveils two new Minute Maid brands to mark its entry into immunity-boosting beverages. Photo – Coca Cola

Reiterating its commitment as a ‘Total beverage company with strong local roots’, Coca-Cola India continues to invest in India’s essence by advancing beverage localization, celebrating farmers, and catering to the evolving needs of Indian consumers. Under its master brand, Minute Maid, the company introduced two new products delivering some of the daily essential nutrition requirements, made with fruits grown by Indian farmers. Minute Maid Nutriforce and Minute Maid Vita Punch offer much needed benefits of, mental agility and immunity, demonstrating a commitment to expand the company’s portfolio of delightful nutrition for everyday occasions.

‘Fruit Circular Economy’ initiative

Expansion of brand Minute Maid with the introduction of the new beverages also underlines Coca-Cola India‘s focus on the ‘Fruit Circular Economy’ initiative, enabling farmers to increase their yield by sourcing fruits to launch fruit-based beverages. Coca-Cola India has also committed an investment of US$ 1.7 billion (approximately Rs 12,700 crore) towards creating a fruit circular economy to aid the Indian Agri-ecosystem until 2023.

Speaking at the launch, T Krishnakumar, president, Coca-Cola India and Southwest Asia, said, “Coca-Cola remains grounded in its purpose to craft meaningful brands and offer its consumers a choice of drinks that refresh in body and spirit. Our long-term strategy entails offering more and more fruit-based beverages in line with consumer preferences. The expansion of our portfolio of nutritious juices under Minute Maid is in line with our aim to nourish every Indian and become India’s first choice in fruit nutrition. This also marks another step towards our commitment to the nation and its farmers.”

Minute Maid Vita Punch is a range of fruit cocktails crafted from Indian fruit recipes that claims to provide 100% of one’s daily requirement of Vitamin C to support immunity. This also marks Coca-Cola India’s entry into the nascent category of immunity-boosting beverages. Minute Maid Nutriforce is designed especially for Indian mothers who are seek nutritious choices for their growing children. Minute Maid Nutriforce blends the taste of Kashmiri apple juice with Iron, Zinc, and other essential vitamins that supports cognition and mental acuity and helps children learn faster, which is an essential need in these times.

Vijay Parasuraman, vice president – Marketing, Coca-Cola India and Southwest Asia, added, “With the changing times, consumers are now opting for beverage options with health benefits – as their approach towards health and wellness is also transforming drastically. The new beverages were developed, keeping in mind consumers’ requirements as they also adapt to the ‘new normal’. Made with fruits grown on Indian soil by Indian farmers, the latest additions to our delightful nutrition portfolio under Minute Maid Masterbrand are focused on solving our consumers’ real problems these times.”

For the last two years, Coca-Cola’s portfolio of beverage offerings has expanded in a segmented manner. The company has focused on listening acutely to the consumers and offering beverages to match their evolving preferences by going hyperlocal. Coca-Cola India has also optimized manufacturing and distribution networks to find the best ways to regionalize its business and create more opportunities for its local bottling partners.


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