Stellapps order value increases by 46% amid Covid-19

Digitizing over 11 million liters of milk daily

Cattle wearing Stellapps fitbit band. The company improve the productivity of cattle and maximize the herd performance with mooOnTM wearable

Stellapps, an end to end dairy technology solutions company, has seen a 46% spike month on month in its order value during the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the company, the number of farmers increased from 1.98 million to 2.3 million across 30,000 villages in 18 states, 16.6% more than the pre-Covid times. Stellapps is now digitizing more than 11 million liters of milk daily, 7% of the total milk flowing into the organized sector in a day. This will further increase to 15 million in the coming few months, it said.


According to reports, in 2019, India produced 187.7 million tons of milk, but a large quantum of dairy production remains unorganized. Along with it, the production and traceability of milk remain a considerable problem. With its data-led approach, Stellapps aims to increase the production and quality of milk that will enable the production of more value-added dairy products like cheese and butter. This will further lead to an increase in the productivity and income of farmers. Stellapps is enabling this by using technology and data. Stellapps already track one million cattle through its IoT platform.

Ranjith Mukundan, co-founder and chief executive officer of Stellapps

Ranjith Mukundan, chief executive officer and co-founder of Stellapps, said, “There are 80 million households engaged in milk production of which about 60-70% are small and marginal farmers. Increasing the income of smallholder farmers which will lead to a better life for them has been a key agenda of the government and will play an important role in shaping the post-Covid rural economy. The Government initiatives like the Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund and Phase II of the Nationwide Artificial Insemination Programme has further paved the way for improvement in the production and yield of the milk produced in India. Focusing on improving productivity, quality and traceability through digitization can help shift India to the next orbit.”

Stellapps helps dairy farmers with data and analytics solutions through its tech platform ‘SmartMoo’ to make informed decisions and balance their procurement. By enabling real-time remote monitoring of the procurement operations, Stellapps enable these dairies to ensure that their customers continue to receive safe, traceable, and high-quality milk. In addition, the tech platform has facilitated digital payments and hassle-free credit and insurance to marginal dairy farmers, allowing them to tide over the economic distress brought about by the pandemic.


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