Sunday, September 26, 2021

Food Processing

Food processing involves the transformation of agricultural produce into food. The processing may start from simple steps including sorting, grading, separation, feeze drying, freezing, thermal processing, preservation, non-thermal processing, HPP, pasteurization, etc.

Vezlay products

Vezlay offers frozen and non-frozen soy-based meats

Increasing numbers of vegans are slowly making waves globally – with many opting for plant-based alternatives such as textured vegetable protein or mock meat to reduce their meat intake. This mock Resembling animal-derived meat...
Bühler and Premier Tech

Bühler and Premier Tech form a strategic cooperation

Swiss Bühler Group and Premier Tech from Canada, has announced the formation of a strategic cooperation for industrial flexible packaging solutions. Both companies agreed to build a design and manufacturing center in China. “Combining the...
Nescafé Gold

Nestlé launches plant-based latte coffees in the UK and Ireland

Nestlé has recently launched three plant-based frothy coffees under its iconic Nescafé Gold brand. The almond, oat and coconut lattes are all certified by the Vegan Society as suitable for people following a vegan...
PepsiCo India

PepsiCo to set up new snacks manufacturing plant in UP

PepsiCo India has announced its intent to invest approximately Rs 514 crore over three years, to set up a greenfield snacks manufacturing plant in Uttar Pradesh. According to the company, the new investment plan...
GoMo Dal Crunchies by Mars

Mars Edge launches GoMo Dal Crunchies snacks in India

Mars Edge, the newest segment of Mars, is built to help improve human health, by bringing together food and nutrition. The company recently launched a new product – GoMo Dal Crunchies – in India,...
Unique chocolate made entirely from the cocoa fruit

Nestlé invents chocolate made from cocoa beans and pulp

Nestlé has created a unique chocolate made entirely from the cocoa fruit, using cocoa beans and pulp as the only ingredients and therefore not adding any refined sugar. The company plans to introduce the...
Parakh Flexipacks supplies flexo printed UHT film pouch materials to more than 20 dairy companies in India and overseas

The growth of Parakh Agro and Parakh Flexipacks

When we wrote our first story about Parakh Agro and its flexible packaging plant in Bhandgaon near Pune, exactly ten years ago for our July 2009 issue, Prakash Parakh said to us, “There is...
Cadbury Dairy Milk bar with 30% less sugar in India

Mondelez launches Cadbury Dairy Milk bar with 30% less sugar in India

Cadbury Dairy Milk has launched a new bar with 30% less sugar. According to the company, this new bar will offer consumers a wider choice and the delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk taste. Cadbury Dairy...
Storia foods and beverages have come out with a range of natural shakes available in nine exciting flavors and contain natural fruits and ingredients with mango, banana and strawberry being the highest fruit content shakes in India

Storia launches preservative-free and trans-fat free shakes

With a surge in demand for healthier beverages, Storia foods and beverages have come out with a range of natural shakes with a refreshing twist to them. The fruit shakes are available in nine...

Nutricane’s OMG! juices without preservatives or added sugar

To beat the heat during summer, natural drinks are a refreshing option to hydrate ourselves. To quench our thirst in a more natural way, summer drinks like bael, aam panna and sugarcane juice are...
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