Sunpure’s #CelebrateSunpureSuperWoman

Sunpure campaign to amplify the change in its high-on-appeal packaging

Join Sunpure in celebrating the spirit of womanhood all through the month. #CelebrateSunpureSuperWoman. 

Bengaluru, 10 March 2021: Sunpure, South India’s largest edible oil brand, has announced a month-long campaign to celebrate its key patrons – women. Launched on International Women’s Day, the campaign aims to spotlight the superhero in every woman. #CelebrateSunpureSuperWoman will see the brand updating its sleek packaging to include pink and purple – colors that reflect every super woman’s spirit – for Karnataka and other markets, respectively. 

It has been two decades since it entered into the edible oil category and subsequent evolution as a market leader in South India, Sunpure, which is a frontline brand of MK Agrotech Group, has planned several initiatives to invite, curate, and amplify stories that inspire by leveraging the power of digital and social media. 

Commenting on the launch of the campaign that has led to the change in the brand’s packaging, Mannan Khan – Director Sales & Marketing, said, “Sunpure has been committed to offering great products with tremendous value, and most of all, a great consumer experience. This three-tiered approach has seen us become South India’s largest selling brand in the edible oil category. 

The modern-day consumer demands a brand experience that delivers on multiple factors to consider a purchase. And the packaging is a critical element in this purchase journey. Both Choice of Colours is woman-centric, and we want to reinforce the importance of the vital role they play in our life. Based on our market research insights, the Karnataka market will receive pink packaging, while consumers in other states will get purple packaging during the campaign period.”

The extension of the marketing campaign to the product’s packaging marks the importance of the brand attached to the preferences of women consumers. According to Sunpure’s campaign research, women increasingly prefer to associate with businesses that offer customized, user-centric experiences. 

Vijesh Vijayan, Head of Brand Marketing and Communications, said, “The #CelebrateSunpureSuperWoman campaign is yet another testimony of Sunpure’s core belief that women are the chief architects of any strong society. Be it our products or our campaigns, every brand offering has been designed to keep the contemporary Indian woman at the center. And to keep evolving as a brand worthy of her preference, we must focus on changing needs and expectations. Today’s woman is unstoppable in her pursuit, be it at work or home. Accordingly, this campaign too has been planned to celebrate her exceptional spirit and superpowers.”

The #CelebrateSunpureSuperWoman campaign will be launched across all key markets, namely Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu. The month-long campaign is part of the brand’s efforts to build a legacy of consumer inclusivity and an active brand community. It will see the brand offering several giveaways to campaign participants and winners, among other social media activities. 

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