Sunday, September 19, 2021

Technology and Innovation

Any kind of new technology or innovation which allow food producers to modify and process food with minimal damage to the foodstuffs. This involves extraction, separation, component modification, process intensification focusing on latest developments in new and novel non-thermal processing technologies, and automation

Pankaj Poddar, CEO of Cosmo Films

Cosmo Films re-launches Direct Thermal Printable top coated label films

Cosmo Films, a global leader in specialty films for flexible packaging, labeling, and lamination applications as well as synthetic paper, re-launches BOPP based Direct Thermal Printable (DTP) top coated film, with a proprietary coating...
Tetra Pak & Stora Enso partners to triple beverage cartons’ recycling capacity

Tetra Pak & Stora Enso partners to triple beverage cartons’ recycling capacity

Tetra Pak and Stora Enso’s partnership follows a comprehensive feasibility study, which saw the introduction of a large-scale carton repulping line at Stora Enso’s Ostrołęka production unit in Poland. The line will triple the...
The new Isra Vision management team (from right: Hans Jürgen Christ, Tomas Lundin (speaker), Dr Johannes Giet) takes over from the retiring CEO and founder Enis Ersü (left)

Isra Vision partners with Atlas Copco for Machine Vision Solution

More than three decades ago, Isra Vision was founded as a spin-off of the Technical University of Darmstadt and subsequently developed into a leading global machine vision technology company. At the end of June...
SwissDeCode's A2 Inside Label that can authenticate and track the source of milk and dairy products

SwissDeCode launches A2 Inside label authenticating milk products

A Swiss food testing company SwissDeCode has launched the A2 INSIDE Label, which is intended to help end user to identify the efforts of dairy producers in guaranteeing authentic A2 milk products. The label...

Sitma Machinery launches Symphony sorting system

Sitma Machinery is launching Symphony, a sorting system that takes up the baton of Easy Sort and Speedy Sort; already best sellers in the logistics automation sector. Through Symphony, Sitma takes another step forward,...
Kezzler and Farmsource are partnering to create a track-and-trace platform for food products

Kezzler & Farmforce partnership for end-to-end traceability

Kezzler, a leading AIPIA member providing traceability solutions, and Farmforce, a source of first mile data by large multinational corporations, have announced the creation of a new partnership for end-to-end Field-to-Fork traceability. Kezzler’s individual unit-level product data, combined...
Aptar joins hand with REBO for reusable water bottles

Aptar joins hands with REBO for reusable water bottles

Aptar Food + Beverage, a global leader in dispensing solutions for more than 25 years, has announced its partnership with REBO to offer a reusable water bottle that uses technology to help people stay...
Natural branding of fresh fruit and vegetables using Raylase's blue laser Photo Raylase

Raylase’s natural branding & laser labelling of fresh produce

Raylase asks why supermarket chains have famously declared war on plastic bags, but when it comes to food packaging, they are taking their time. Why is that? As with anything, there are pros and...
GEA Ring Dryer Photo GEA

GEA increases efficiency of vital wheat gluten producers

Dusseldorf headquartered GEA is helping food manufacturers improve productivity and reduce maintenance costs by retrofitting the ring dryers used in vital wheat gluten production. It is upgrading the ring dryers with GEA Certex –...
Tetra Pak & the Kabadiwala partner to increase collection of used beverage cartons

Tetra Pak & the Kabadiwala tie-up to increase cartons recycling process

Citizens in Bhopal can now help recycle their used juice, milk, and other beverage cartons from the comfort of their homes, thanks to a collaborative initiative between Tetra Pak and the Kabadiwala. Tetra Pak,...
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