Center fresh urges people to ‘Stay fresh behind the mask’

The initiative addresses the need for staying fresh while wearing the mask

Center fresh
Center fresh curated ‘Freshness Kits’ which were distributed to doctors, nurses, policemen and many others frontliners to thank them for their work to keep all of us safe

Center fresh, the brand from Perfetti Van Melle India is synonymous with its fresh breath promise. In the ‘new normal’ followed by opening up of several workplaces, people are now spending more and more time behind masks for their own safety and others around them. This prolonged usage of the mask makes the consumption of a Center Fresh mint or gum even more relevant to stay fresh and comfortable behind the mask during long hours at work.

Stay fresh behind the mask initiative

To further create awareness, the brand roped in popular social media influencers, Aisha Ahmed, and Vikrant Massey. The message from both influencers stressed on the importance of essentials while stepping out along with having a Center Fresh gum or mint pack on them for keeping themselves refreshed during the day. The ‘Stay fresh Behind the Mask’ initiative was also popularized through a digital media campaign on the brand’s social media handles.

Taking this initiative forward, the brand curated ‘Freshness Kits’ which were distributed to doctors, nurses, policemen, and many other front liners to thank them for their work to keep all of us safe. This endeavor was to add a bit of Center Fresh’s long-lasting freshness to their challenging and grueling workdays.

Being sensitive to the fact that they need to be fresh and agile for extended hours, the brand’s freshness kits contain items that refresh them and ‘stay fresh behind the mask’. These signature kits comprised – a mask, wet wipes, sanitizer, Center fresh mints, and Center Fresh 3-layer gum.

Speaking about this initiative, Rohit Kapoor – director marketing of Perfetti Van Melle India said, ‘Stay fresh behind the mask’ initiative is to let people be their best self as they step out of lockdown and wear a mask for long hours. This initiative provided us an opportunity to express our gratitude for front liners who continue to have demanding work schedules while wearing masks to protect the lives of millions of people.”


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