Corbion offers solutions to make confectionery innovation a sensation

Fine-tuning the elements of candy concept

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Striking the perfect note of good sourness – one that releases quickly but lasts long – is just one of the keys to creating your next confectionery hit. Texture, too, can either win or lose your target consumer. And no one wants their candy to stick to the wrapper or their teeth, so stability is essential, even when transport and storage conditions are less than ideal. Mineral fortification might broaden your product’s appeal, but it adds another layer to your formulation challenge, states Corbion.

Today’s confectionery market rewards great innovation. But to be successful, each of your product’s many components must work in harmony together. That’s where Corbion adds value. “We’ve been helping confectioners create high-quality sweets for almost a century, and have built a portfolio of solutions that enable you to deliver on consumer’s expectations,” it adds.

According to Corbion, its acids and buffers help you achieve an immediate but long-lasting sour flavor while avoiding stickiness from sugar inversion. Its acid powders keep sour-sanded candies dry and protect their beautiful appearance.

Corbion’s highly soluble, flavor-neutral mineral lactates and gluconates claim to give your confectionery the allure of an enhanced nutritional profile. And for many years, the company has used its expertise in emulsifier technologies and food systems to help manufacturers create some of the most successful and iconic food products, it claims.

PURAC Powder range helps create acid-sanded candies with product stability in challenging conditions, quick-releasing, long-lasting sour flavors, intense flavor and texture sensations consumers love, and superior powder flowability for uniform distribution, and minimal dustiness, and broader geographical reach.

Corbion’s lactic acid powders, PURAC Powder 55 and PURAC Powder 60, offer low moisture absorption to protect against stickiness and low acid migration to prevent sourness loss. Its patented, malic acid-based PURAC Powder MA claims to provide extremely low hygroscopicity and more excellent stability in more humid climates, with a unique, oil-free coating that delivers a perfect acidity profile and a fresh, clean mouthfeel. Its PURAC line of buffered lactic acids can also help overcome other common confectionery challenges with natural solutions that minimize sugar inversion and stickiness in hard candy and prevent gelatin degradation in soft candy.


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