Corbion’s clean label solutions for chilled deli-style foods

Natural flavor and preservation with consumer-friendly labeling

Photo - Corbion

Consumers are increasingly demanding healthier and fresher foods, with clean labels. However, this trend presents a major challenge for manufacturers, who need high-quality solutions to develop more authentic, simpler and less processed foods with longer shelf life.

Amsterdam headquartered Corbion  is a global market leader in lactic acid and its derivatives, and a leading supplier of emulsifiers, functional enzyme blends, minerals, vitamins, and algae ingredients. The company uses its 100 years old expertise in fermentation and other processes to deliver sustainable solutions for the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Corbion has sales offices all across the world, including India, in Navi Mumbai.

Label-friendly vs convenience

Corbions claims that its solutions are based on science and the finest, well known natural ingredients such as vinegar and ferments. The company has created innovative, label-friendly products suitable for use across the full spectrum of refrigerated foods, including ready-made meals, meal components, deli foods, salads, and sauces.

Corbions’ Verdad product line claims to offer natural label-friendly ingredients with a savory flavor profile. According to the company, these versatile ingredients keep the product safe, fresh, and consistent from production date to the day of consumption.

Nature’s answer to today’s refrigerated food challenges

Harmful microorganisms, including yeast (Saccharomyces cereviseae) and spoilage bacteria such as Pseudomonas, can compromise your refrigerated products’ freshness, integrity, and appearance – along with consumer perceptions of your brand. Corbion’s Verdad range of clean-label solutions claims to protect against spoilage, extend the product’s shelf life, and even help you create appealing savory flavor profiles at the same time.

Produced through all-natural fermentation processes, Verdad ingredients can be labeled as “cultured sugar” or “fermented sugar”, it said.

Clean label solutions for chilled deli-style foods

Effective, natural solutions for preservation and food safety are essential when introducing chilled deli-style foods. Consumers of deli-style salads, dips, spreads, and hummus increasingly lean toward label-friendly versions of those products, and Verdad Ovvio is especially well-suited for such applications, says Corbion.

With an increasing number of consumers shying away from artificial additives like sorbates and benzoates, Corbion’s solution claims to provide a natural means of extending shelf life and ensuring maximum freshness and quality. Verdad Ovvio is produced naturally through the fermentation of cane sugar, combined with specialty vinegar; the result is both natural and highly effective.

In addition to maintaining product stability and extending shelf life, the flavor-enhancing properties of Verdad Ovvio significantly improve sensory attributes and mouthfeel so that you can create safe, fresh, and tasty chilled deli-style products that stay that way longer, it said.


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