Mishtabhuj, Indian manufacturers launch home-made sweets this Diwali

A surge in sweet and snacks sales consistent with past years

Photo - Mishtabhuj

While the Diwali season was hit hard this pandemic, sweet sellers still have seen a surge in sweet and snacks sales consistent with past years. But even before the occasion sets in, the market is inundated with counterfeit sweets as the market is relatively unregulated. On the other hand, branded players are limited to primary cuisines that fail to deliver the “home-made” taste, as expected on occasion like this.

Mishtabhuj, a traditional Indian sweets offering, is positioned to solve this very challenge. The brand was born to solve a single person’s problem who was allergic to outside sweets. Starting from a small 10X10 kitchen to serve 14 families with minimal options, Mishtabhuj has expanded to over 3000 families and multiple channel partners in 2020.

Operating in Delhi-NCR alone, the brand offers express delivery of sweets from the kitchen to home within 3 hours, considering the region’s expanse.

According to the Mishtabhuj founding team, “The families we started with, had a unique challenge of getting home-made sweets with an assurance that they would be pure and fresh in origin. With Mishtabhuj we try to accomplish just that. And probably that’s why we’ve expanded from 14 to over 3000 families in the last three years.”

Mishtabhuj offers several unique delicacies, made with pure desi ghee, without any added colors or flavors that reflect the ethnicity of the region and deliver a home-made experience at the same time. Moreover, for the health-conscious and diabetic patients, the brand offers several sugar-free options to cater to their sweet tooth.

“The key to our growth has been the consistent taste and quality which we deliver in our sweets. We prepare sweets on an on-demand basis, to ensure that the sweets are fresh and delivered to our customers within record delivery time. That is why we take pre-booked orders on mishtabhuj.com. Customer experience can make or break any business, and every day, we ensure that it is up to the mark,” they added.

Now when national brands are taking up the fight against organized global consumer products manufacturers and global retailers, it is expected that quality benchmarks will be stricter and costs will be regulated. With national brands capturing a considerable market share, it is set to create more community opportunities and deliver greater value to the end-customers.


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